Wednesday Wonders: Simple Things

Today I got to use a laminator!!!

Simple things: they have the power to make us happy and the power to throw us out. Today both of those things have happened. I was supposed to be getting my hair done but the appointment was cancelled at the last minute – this threw me out as my day was planned around it. However, when I got home I had to laminate some posters which made me ridiculously excitable! Both of these were simple things but affected me in the moment.

When doing the simple task of laminating – seriously I love it – I came across a metaphor.

The posters were in the laminating pouches and were a bit blurred, they then went through the heat and came out clearer. All simple processes with a great final outcome. We may sometimes feel slightly unsettled and may need to go through a time of heat to help things become clearer. The essential element though is the pouch, the protection.

What provides your protection as you go through the times of heat helping you to reach clarity?

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