Wednesday Wonders: Taking a bull by the horns

I know that I like to know what’s happening, I’ve told you that numerous times. However, it wasn’t until this week that I realised how much control I can have over that.

I’m not the kind of person who stands up and takes control in situations, I allow things to take their course, and then I get frustrated. Do I act on the frustration? No! I continue to get frustrated and wait.

This week, there were two situations where I took the bull by the horns took control, made decisions and felt good for it. Now, I know what is happening.

I don’t respond well to times of frustration and yet I allow myself to stay in those situations, when, so often I can make the decisions, follow the actions needed to get out and move on.

So what’s the next bull that’s holding me back? How can I move forward?

Wednesday Wonders: Small things, warm things

I am aware that I am a short; but I have bizarrely large feet for a short person – size 8 and very wide feet as well! I wonder whether this is why once my feet get cold I am screwed, the rest of the body is not far behind and I feel awful.

Yesterday I went to see a friend, I was unaware until I left the house how much it was raining, I went back to change the coat but didn’t have time to change the shoes. By the time I got to the bus station my feet were SOAKING well, my shoes and socks were, and then my feet were freezing for the rest of the day.

But then… I got into bed and there was a hot water bottle awaiting me! I don’t like wearing socks, but the husband knows how much I need my warm feet so he’d got the hot water bottle ready.

It may seem like a small act, but it made me feel warm (and not only physically).

Challenge Track: Week 10 – minimal completion

Well earlier today I completed my 100th mile. Considering how the year started I really wasn’t sure I’d manage anywhere near but I have! As I keep going on about I haven’t quite completed in the way I originally intended but I have completed it; and there’s still time before the challenge days are completed!

Still time to sponsor as well…

Wednesday Wonders: International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, so seems a good thing to share my wonderings about. I should be honest and share that it was an amazing woman in my life who placed the idea in my mind in the first place.

She was one of a group of four amazing women who put together a party for me at the weekend to celebrate my time of new beginnings. I was completely overwhelmed by the time and effort my friends had put in; and also by the friends I was surrounded by (many, but not all, of whom were female.

I am utterly blessed, I have always been encouraged to attempt anything I want to, and to think I could achieve anything I attempted. I have grown up with many examples of strong women, and that has been something for me to live up to. Going to an all girls secondary school also placed that sense of achievement for all.

As much as I have been aware of limitations on women, I wouldn’t say I have ever felt it placed upon myself. I think I’m also part of a generation who have seen huge changes for women, and have been a part of that. Including, the first female Prime Minister; the first ordained women in the Church of England; and don’t forget The Spice Girls and girl power!

I know there is still progress to be made, but I want to take this opportunity to ‘big up’ the women in my life; you make it so much easier to be proud of who I am and to believe I can make a difference. This is not true of me but of all out there. You are amazing.

Challenge Track: Week 9 – nearly there!

So I’ve done 90miles in 2023 (well I’ve remembered to log 90miles) so I’m only 10 miles away from my goal of 100 miles! Considering the amount of back pain in January I figure it’s not too bad. It may not be HOW I wanted to reach the goal but the goal has been met! As always it is still possible to sponsor me by clicking the link below.

Wednesday Wonders: Popping Candy

On Monday morning I was filling out a sensory form, answering some questions. One of those questions was ‘what does joy taste of?’ My first response was popping candy.

We were meant to write down the first thing we thought of, which I did, but I’ve been thinking about it further since. Why did I choose popping candy? I don’t eat popping candy a lot, but when I do I love the surprising element of it, the feel in my mouth. My favourites are definitely when there is popping candy hidden within a chocolate bar, that unexpected burst of poppiness!

We are all bound to experience joy in different ways and from different things. I also appreciate the joy further when it comes unexpectedly and I can feel that joy for longer as well.

If we experience joy, we can often bring joy to others. I’m not sure we definitely need to search for the joy, but when the popping candy comes along enjoy the experience.

Challenge Track: week 8 – top 200

Well, here we are at week 8. I’m now on 77.4 miles so not bad, and am in the top 200 of 963 (specifically 193rd). Not sure what else to say really. I’m quite shattered so that might be why I don’t know what to say! All I know is that I’m pleased with my progress and hope to continue!

As always it’s still possible to sponsor me with this challenge, as we approach March I hope to have more than walks adding to the miles! Click on the link below

Wednesday Wonders: a change is as good as a rest

I’m currently on the second train on my way to Canterbury after a good stretch of time in Brum with mum. I was up for a bit longer than usual so we did a few extra visits. Some days with multiple things happening.

I messaged E earlier in the week joking ‘I’ll need a break when I get back’ to which she responded in her typical BPF fashion ‘a change is as good as rest’. I’m not sure where this phrase came from but actually I would agree. It’s been nice to get away, to see people I haven’t seen for a while, some even for a year. It’s been nice to be in different surroundings.

I may feel physically tired (travelling somehow does that) but I am mentally rested and ready for whatever madness lies ahead.

I guess it’s good to just get away from our ‘norm’ and things we may get caught up in, and that cause us hassle. Whatever it is a rest is always good!

Challenge Track: Week 7 – half time

So today is the half way point of Challenge 100; 100 miles in 100 days.

I’ve currently achieved 68.1 miles, so am above where I need to be. My goal is to get some of those miles from more than walking. I know I will still have achieved the miles even from ‘just’ walking but it’s still a goal!

I’m only half way through, meaning there’s still 50 days to sponsor me. Use the link below, and feel free to share!

Wednesday Wonders: Worth the Wait?

I’ve spent many hours in my life waiting at bus stops, at train stations, or outside shops as I always got to the ‘meeting point’ far too early! Of course in those situations waiting always leads to something good whether that’s the transportation or the meeting with friends.

It’s the process of waiting though isn’t it?

Earlier in the week I was watching a new programme, at the end the TV announcer said you can found out what happens next week or you can go to iPlayer and watch the whole series now. This is where I’m going to sound like an old person but I actually get really frustrated that you can watch entire series straight away. I’ve been thinking about why, and I think it is because of that sense of waiting, it may be frustrating but it’s actually quite good to have that cliff hanger, wait a week, then find out what happens next. What’s the point of a cliff hanger if you just move on to the next episode straight away?

We quite often associate waiting with negativity but, especially after the last 18 months, I’m starting to see that it can often be through the waiting that we appreciate the outcome. That’s not to say that I won’t be getting frustrated whilst waiting for trains this week, but I’ll appreciate what I wait for!

Waiting is always going to happen, make the most of it!