Wednesday wonders: taking advantage

I have lived in Canterbury on and off since September 2000 when I started university. On Saturday, about 22 years later I had utter privilege of playing keyboard and singing, leading worship in the Crypt of Canterbury Cathedral. As you walk around Canterbury it is pretty much impossible to miss the phenomenal and beautiful building towering above the walls of the precincts. Yet when I walk around the city on a daily basis it falls into the background and I don’t notice it amongst the hustle and bustle both amongst the tourists, and my plans for the day. I forget about the building with the amazing history; the years of worship; the place of pilgrimage.

At the time of writing I’m in Birmingham spending some time at home. I didn’t appreciate Birmingham when I lived here but now living away there’s a lot about the City that I do miss.

I guess the question I wonder about is… why is it that we take advantage of places, people, when we are experiencing of people or places daily but don’t necessarily recognise the importance of those things to us, appreciate the part they play for us in our every day lives?

I definitely don’t have the answer to this one but it’s a question I’ve been asking today x

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