Wednesday Wonders: Time to rest

I’ve always loved leaves at autumn, especially when I see red leaves standing out amongst the others. It wasn’t until I was reading a book a few weeks ago that I fully understood that leaves were green when the trees were working to use chlorophyll, that they were always ‘autumn colours’ it’s just that we only saw those colours when the trees were resting.

When I read that, it honestly made me stop and think. It’s easy to tell people the importance of rest, but do we fully understand that our beauty can show more, we can stand out more, when we allow ourselves to rest. When we are busy things take over and hide our gifts.

Take some time to stop, to rest, to show your brightness whatever that might be.

Wednesday Wonders: Love

LOVE. A four letter word that means so much, makes us feel special, but can also leave us utterly bamboozled!!!

This morning I was gifted this beautiful plant in an awesome plant by a friend, for no apparent reason, just because. It made my grin from ear to ear and feel warm inside. Later on I asked her what her favourite word was (already with the plan to use it for my blog) and she said ‘love’ and straight away I felt dread! How was I going to write about love?

It isn’t something we can write about easily, it’s not something that we can explain, however it is something that we can demonstrate, something that can be seen in people’s actions.

Tomorrow it’s December, we’re already in the season of Advent as the Church. Christmas is all about love, in this time amidst the lights, presents, food etc… why don’t we take some time to show love – helping an elderly lady pay on the self-checkout at Boots; buying coffees for stall holders; giving a plant for no reason.

Love can be bamboozling but it can also be the easiest and greatest thing in the world.

Wednesday Wonders: worth it?

I have suddenly realised it is a Wednesday and I haven’t written my blog. I questioned whether there was any point, was it worth it? Then I thought about why I hadn’t written one today, and it’s essentially because I’ve been busy. All of the things I have done today I could have easily asked is it worth it, and the answer was always yes. It may not have been life changing but it was always worth it.

The tablet I am using tonight is not my usual one and I have struggled/failed to get a picture, that also nearly stopped me. However, we so often focus on the glamour that we miss out on the simple, yet important message.

When I first started writing my Wednesday wonder blogs it was to build some routine when my routine had been taken away. I haven’t missed a Wednesday since. Once again showing the importance in something seemingly small.

When you ask yourself is it worth it? I expect the answer will probably be yes!

I get knocked down and I get up again!!!!

I still remember the first time I went bowling. I’d gone out for a bike ride in the morning, on the way back my dad shouted for me to get off my bike before crossing a bridge. I didn’t listen to my dad, I fell off my bike into Hatchford Brook. I ended up with plasters all over me and I was unable to actually bowl when we went to the bowling centre. I had to sit and watch everyone else playing and having fun. I was not impressed – mainly with myself – but still.

That was not the last time I went bowling, I’ve been many times since and I actually went this afternoon with the husband. We played three games and he won two, but I’m sure that won’t stop me again.

To be able to play bowling when the pins are knocked over they NEED to be lifted back up again. It is literally impossible for the game to continue if the knocked down pins are not lifted back up. What an incredible metaphor for us, and an opportunity for me to reference a classic late 90’s hit!

So, we are always going to have times when we get knocked down, but the important thing is to get back up again. However, this isn’t always easy and will often look different. The pins will probably be put in different positions but that doesn’t stop the game from going ahead.

In todays game after one of my go’s the machine didn’t work and the husband had to wait for everything to be re-set but after some time, and some help from the staff the pins were up again and the husband could continue.

So… in the words of Chumbawumba

I get knocked down but I get up again there ain’t nothing gonna keep me down

Wednesday Wonders: Just a smile

Today I heard that in answer to the question ‘how can we bring about peace in the world’ an 8 year old said something along the lines of ‘don’t be shy about sharing smiles’ they said it a lot better but I can’t remember the exact wording!

This was one of a number of profound ideas but this was the one that really jumped out at me and that I have remembered.

I’m sure we’ve often thought that it’s ‘just a smile’ it’s not important but then how special do you feel when someone smiles at you? We don’t have to know who is smiling or who we’re smiling at. That simple act can make a huge difference in what might be a tough day.

Don’t be afraid to share your smiles

Wednesday Wonders: lightening the load

Last week was a difficult week but on Monday I felt like a weight was lifted physically and mentally.

I have a LOT of hair!!!!! I went for years with stylists complaining about how much hair I had and how long it took; but more recently I have found a stylist who loves my hair and enjoys working with it. On Monday I had an appointment and after 3 hours I walked out feeling relaxed and physically feeling considerably lighter!!!!! It felt like a relief as it had been getting annoying and I’d had to wait for a few weeks for an appointment as well.

That time being looked after also helped with the mentally feeling lighter as well. It seems odd in my current situation to feel that things are getting on top of me and that I’m feeling weighed down but I think that definitely had been happening. I had ended up hibernating at the weekend and this hair appointment really came at exactly the right time.

I tend to get my hair done twice a year. I know roughly when in the year that I go anyway, but I also know when it’s time to go when it’s heavy, unruly and not curling nicely, as well as rather long roots!!!! The husband has to shave his a lot more regularly – this normally happens when I mention that it’s looking fluffy!

It’s quite easy to know when it’s time for a hair appointment but it’s important for us to know when we need to ease the mental load as well. As I often write, this is going to be different for all of us, but being familiar with our tell tale signs and how we can ease our own loads will help us on that good old journey.

Wednesday Wonders: Holding Tight

I actually have a bump on my middle finger of my right hand – why? – because I hold my pen so tightly. I also don’t hold my pen correctly – but I hold it and I can write so I don’t mind! I’ve recently started to crochet, and I was instructed to hold the needle like a pen. Therefore I hold the needle quite tightly, but again it works – so does it matter?

The problem with holding on to the needle so tightly can be that it’s quite difficult to bring stitches through to develop the pattern; similarly with cross stitch it can be difficult to undo mistakes if they are too tight. Holding a pen too tight, as well as making a dent in my finger, has always made me quite a slow writer.

I have TRIED to hold things differently, to change my grip, but I’ve never managed it. So… I need to work with what I have and I need to be able to let go of the grip.

In life generally I have a tendency to hold onto things tightly and I struggle to let go. Over the last year I’ve learnt the importance and the impact of letting go of things. However, there are also things that we need to hold on to, and this helps us through the tough times.

I think it’s a matter of holding on, but knowing sometimes it’s necessary to loosen up or even to let go. We don’t want things to permanently indent our lives like my finger has been indented by my pen!

Wednesday Wonders: Why Wait?

This blog is being written inspired by L and R.

I’ve always been a person who is early for things. I don’t really like being on time, and definitely don’t like being late. For me early means being prepared but it also means waiting. My need for being early means that I have waited for many trains and buses; I’ve spent many hours waiting for medical and hospital appointments; more recently I’ve waited for zoom meetings to start; I’ve also spent many hours waiting for Church service to start.

Waiting is in all of our lives but as usual we have choices. We can choose to add more time to our waiting; we can also choose what we do in our time of waiting it might be reading, listening to music, preparing for whatever we’re waiting for or just spending time on our own in peace. It’s up to us.

When L&R we’re making the suggestion of a topic for today’s blog I wasn’t sure whether it would pull too many heartstrings and be too painful for me at the moment. However, yes I am in a period of waiting at the moment and when it started it was extremely difficult but now… well due to some decisions I made that’s a different story!

It’s your wait… it’s your choice!

Wednesday Wonders: Simple Things

Today I got to use a laminator!!!

Simple things: they have the power to make us happy and the power to throw us out. Today both of those things have happened. I was supposed to be getting my hair done but the appointment was cancelled at the last minute – this threw me out as my day was planned around it. However, when I got home I had to laminate some posters which made me ridiculously excitable! Both of these were simple things but affected me in the moment.

When doing the simple task of laminating – seriously I love it – I came across a metaphor.

The posters were in the laminating pouches and were a bit blurred, they then went through the heat and came out clearer. All simple processes with a great final outcome. We may sometimes feel slightly unsettled and may need to go through a time of heat to help things become clearer. The essential element though is the pouch, the protection.

What provides your protection as you go through the times of heat helping you to reach clarity?

Wednesday wonders: taking advantage

I have lived in Canterbury on and off since September 2000 when I started university. On Saturday, about 22 years later I had utter privilege of playing keyboard and singing, leading worship in the Crypt of Canterbury Cathedral. As you walk around Canterbury it is pretty much impossible to miss the phenomenal and beautiful building towering above the walls of the precincts. Yet when I walk around the city on a daily basis it falls into the background and I don’t notice it amongst the hustle and bustle both amongst the tourists, and my plans for the day. I forget about the building with the amazing history; the years of worship; the place of pilgrimage.

At the time of writing I’m in Birmingham spending some time at home. I didn’t appreciate Birmingham when I lived here but now living away there’s a lot about the City that I do miss.

I guess the question I wonder about is… why is it that we take advantage of places, people, when we are experiencing of people or places daily but don’t necessarily recognise the importance of those things to us, appreciate the part they play for us in our every day lives?

I definitely don’t have the answer to this one but it’s a question I’ve been asking today x