Wednesday wonders: Jargon

Yesterday I had to ask the husband numerous times what word I was thinking of when I was thinking of the term – jargon! I think we can easily call that a matter of irony!

At the weekend I was at a PCC away day and one thing we felt was important was to explain things about the Church of England without using Church of England Jargon – although I already have by using PCC (Parochial Church council). Then on Monday we watched a programme called “the trick” where a professor needed to explain his work and, again, he was encouraged to explain without using jargon.

Why is the lack of jargon so important?

Jargon is a set of words, or even a language, used by a group or organisation of people. It helps people communicate easily with each other; however it makes it difficult for other people to understand and to be able to follow what is being said.if we want to share our interests with other people then we need to share using language that is accessible to other people.

As a teacher this is a skill I had to develop over a period of time, it’s also something I had to develop as a Brummy moving to the South and marrying into a Kentish family! We will all have jargon that we use in different situations; but we will also have been confused by jargon that has been used by other people.

It’s important that we remember how it feels when we don’t understand and that we try to limit the amount of jargon we use when we’re talking with friends, family and colleagues.

Wednesday wonders: All change

I love the autumn colours, they are so vibrant and so varied. We know that the trees are preparing themselves for winter which is why the trees are changing colour and losing leaves.

In this natural season of change what change are you preparing for and how are you preparing? I hate to mention it but yes we may be preparing for Christmas but what does that look like for you? Are there other changes occurring?

I know in our household there are a number of changes; the husband is starting an apprenticeship so is back to study again and I’m starting to consider some voluntary tasks and working out how to spend my days. It’s a very different household but we’re enjoying the change in the same way we enjoy the change of the autumn leaves.

Also in our household we will be approaching for Christmas by getting the tree; nativity and decorations out. Presents will be wrapped and cards written. I imagine there will be a grocery delivery as well even though we won’t be eating Christmas lunch at home!

Whilst writing this I have heard a few adverts talking about changes that people are making in the way they are living their love in order to make change in the world and the way in which the world is developing.

Change happens in all of our lives but we need to ready and willing to accept it and move with it.

Wednesday wonders: Community

All of us are part of a community, probably even more than one community. What does being part of a community lead to? Being able to share things that you all enjoy, talk about interests, learn things. The definition is ‘having certain things in common’ it might be about where you live or activities you do.

Growing up I was in a number of different communities including family, church, school, dancing, swimming… for each of the different communities I was with different people and different things were expected of me.

What I found though was that those communities, collectively made me who I am. I probably didn’t realise it then t now I look back and I can see the impact they’ve had on me and how communities impact others.

Communities help us to feel a part of something, and because it’s something we share it really does help us to build our sense of identity. As well as being parts of communities ourselves sometimes it’s important for us to help people to feel part of a community themselves.

What communities are you part of now? Do you need to be part of more? Do you need to invite people to join your communities?

Wednesday wonders: Walk the walk

Is there someone you look up to? I don’t mean physically, I guess I mean morally, or spiritually.

I have been reminded numerous times recently that within Christianity there is a firm belief that we are individual, but that we are known for who we are. I have also been reminded that it’s not about following a load of rules but it’s about being a relationship.

Through being in that relationship, and allowing it to be lived out in our lives our walk changes and often that is what people recognise and wonder what is happening in our lives. We may be asked why we are choosing to walk differently to others.

As mentioned in previous Wednesday wonders, those journeys will often not be on a ur own, but often it is our walk that people will see and therefore the question we need to ask ourselves is “what walk are we walking?” And we need to make sure it’s a walk that represents who we are and what we represent.

Keep on walking that journey

Wednesday wonders: defence

What do you think of when you think of defence? It can be something that a country puts up when they’re being attacked; or maybe something we do to protect ourselves in certain situations; there are also plants and animals that have defensive mechanisms as part of their structure.

Essentially defence is there for our protection, however we can sometimes go overboard on defence and it means that we miss out on experiences because we’re too busy trying to protect ourselves.

I think it’s important to make sure that we know what we need to defend ourselves against. By making ourselves aware we are less likely to miss out. When we are defending ourselves we are likely to hide away from others and situations; again by doing this we are likely to stay in a scared situation and will find it difficult to build ourselves.

I would agree that defence is necessary but we need to try to build our strength up as well and hiding won’t often help that.

Wednesday wonders: support network

Things are difficult at the moment; I can’t really explain why it’s just a part of the situation. However I am SO grateful that I have had a network of people around me. This network have consisted of regularly texting as well as meeting up with me for walks or coffee. Sometimes this allows me to talk through the issues going on but sometimes it’s just nice to spend time talking about nothing.

Do you have a support network?

I think one of the most important elements of a support network is having a range of people that you can turn to at different times. I think I would definitely say that there are certain people I would go to for different areas of my life. But there are also different people who look out for me and make those first steps.

That’s the other important aspect of support networks that they have to be two sided. Times when we need to take the step to seek support from others and times when we need to accept support that is being offered to us. It’s so easy for us to hide when we need to talk or to hide when others are talking to us and yet we need to take responsibility.

We also provide that support for others. That’s where it becomes a network.

Wednesday Wonders: all change please…

This week the husband has started a new apprenticeship, that is one of a number of changes that are taking place at the moment.

How do you feel about change?

Many people find the concept of change scary, whether it’s a change in lifestyle or a change in theme tune. However, as the picture above shows, change is sometimes necessary.

If being particularly picky then you would point out that we are changing constantly as we breathe, as our skin replaces itself, and as we gain information. Does it make it easier to face change if we accept that change is sometimes necessary and that is happening constantly anyway?

I’m not sure if it necessarily makes it easier to face, but I think it helps us to make the changes and gives the necessary support. We see change all around us in the natural world which would suggest it’s meant to be a part of life and we should just accept it and move with it.

So as the husband and I both move into a time of change it’s important to remember that change is part of life, it can be scary but it leads to something new and becomes part of our story – personally I find that quite exciting.

Wednesday wonders: what do you sea?

Each Wednesday I am going to be starting a specific blog post ‘Wednesday wonders’ I will still be writing other blogs but want to try and get a specific routine.

Last week we went to Deal, a favourite seaside town near us. We walked along the seafront and ate our lunch overlooking the sea.

The husband pointed out that there is something quite relaxing about the sea but we couldn’t work out exactly what it is. maybe it’s the waves going in and out; maybe it’s the vast expanse; maybe the way it joins the clouds; maybe just that it’s something different; or something else. Whatever the reason, most people I know find the seaside relaxing. My dad always loved overlooking the cliffs of Dover and if my mum ever went on a ferry she would favour going on the deck for the full experience.

We are very lucky with where we live and that we are able to get to the seaside so easily. We know that we find the seaside relaxing I guess the challenge is to make sure we go as frequently as we can.

What is it that makes you feel relaxed? Do you know what it is about that thing that makes you feel relaxed? Is that point of relaxation your first port of call when you need it?

I know that I can’t go to the sea every time I feel stressed but at least I know that is one place that helps me relax and I know of other things as well. I’m not always the greatest at using them but I’m getting better.

I didn’t drop the baby!

“I didn’t drop the baby” a sentence I’ve said a few times over the last few days!

We’ve just returned from a few days back home. There was a gathering of family and friends which included a primary school friend who had a baby about two and a half months ago. When I had confirmation that they were hoping to come along I was excited to see her for the first time in ages, and to meet the baby, but also I was slightly apprehensive about holding him. I twitch regularly, I’ve got plenty of protection on my phone for the number of times I drop it, and I bump into things. You can probably see where this is going… I was concerned that these things would happen if I held the baby.

However when they came, I didn’t think about it at all. When I was able to I held the baby, we went for a little walk to the conservatory, took a seat, a little walk back before he went back to his mum. It wasn’t until the guests had left, we’d tidied up and I suddenly announced “I didn’t drop the baby”.

There are times when we can get caught up in things that worry us, those things can sometimes stop us from doing what we need to or want to. It’s difficult to put those worries aside but that’s what sometimes helps. I honestly don’t know what happened that meant I was able to hold the baby and stay holding him but I imagine if I’d been thinking about what I thought ‘could’ happen I probably wouldn’t have held him in the first place.

We can’t let our worries take over our lives. We can’t stop doing things because of our concerns. I get frustrated with my brain, as frequent readers will know, there are times when I don’t do things because I’m scared. My challenge is to get back to the time when I just lived life, when I held my friends babies without question.

Hmmmmmmmm challenge is definitely the right word!

Are you on a journey?

Today we went on the Severn Valley Railway; specifically a steam train from Kidderminster to Bridgenorth. On the return journey the husband made a very interesting point. Considering we had caught trains up from Canterbury to Birmingham the other day, he found this experience more relaxing. Why? Because you could feel that you were moving and that you were heading on a journey.

If you are a regular reader you may be noticing a theme at the moment! I think the steam train is a good metaphor for life. If we don’t feel like we’re on a journey there’s a possibility of getting blasé; or stopping; or maybe even getting worked up and completely reliant upon announcements! However with the steam train life, it might not be comfortable and you might be fully aware of the journey through movements; chuggs; and horn blasts but you know you’re moving and you know there’s a destination.

Final metaphor moment… there was a stop mid journey where we got off for about an hour, looked round an exhibition and had a coffee. When we went back to the platform the train was on the middle tracks. It had to reverse out of sight to get on to the right tracks for us to be able to continue the journey. How often have you felt like you’re going backwards? Or that the journey isn’t possible at all because you don’t have the equipment? Sometimes that’s necessary to move forward we need to go back or we need to stop in order to move forward.

Absolutely finally none of it would have been possible without the driver and the rest of the team. Who is guiding your journey?