Wednesday Wonders: Making the time

This morning the husband and I went out for a lovely brunch. It was so nice; not just the meal but the time spent with the husband as well. Over recent weeks, as part of a therapy I’ve been taking part in, I’ve been considering how I have been spending my time and how it makes me feel. My conclusion has been that when I have spent time with people I have generally felt better. Therefore I am wondering about the importance of making time to spend time with other people.

Why is it so difficult to make time to spend time with others? I think there are a number of factors; if we are at work then although we are with people we may not actually be able to spend time with them, or it may not be a positive relationship; if we’re not at work then it is incredibly easy to stay at home and bury ourselves in our own lives; in our families even though we may seem to spend a lot of time with each other – are we actually?

What was so different about brunch with the husband this morning? We were sat at a table; there wasn’t a TV on; we were actually in a conversation with each other. I was able to share what had been going on with me and listen to him as well.

It’s so easy to get caught up with everything else and what we need to do that we can forget to make time for others. However I think that if we try to regularly make time to spend with others then we will feel better and others will as well.

Wednesday Wonders: wondering what to wonder?

I have to admit I felt rather like this tortoise today. Moving slowly following a seizure two days ago and also possibly looking vacant. Then I had a realisation that I should be writing a blog today, and I couldn’t really think of any focus, I’m still struggling.

So instead I’ve decided to write briefly about the importance of wondering in the first place. I love to find out new things, and I really do enjoy learning. I think it’s really important that we all try to explore new things and that we open our minds to new ideas.

It’s hard to explain why this is so important, all I know from experience is that it is.

My challenge for my readers is to share your thoughts of what could wonder about and I’ll consider those as my challenge and the opening of new doors over the next few weeks – or however long it takes.

Wednesday Wonders: taking it slow

We live in a busy world; quite often we’re try to be the quickest or trying to rush somewhere. Finding the shortest queue at the supermarket, or going to self checkout; next day delivery; high speed trains. I imagine it’s something we’re all guilty of, and we can probably all think of plenty of examples.

On Monday I was with mum and we stopped off at Hatton locks inWarwickshire. It was a beautiful day and the area was stunning and still! After some lunch there was some movement with a few boats going in different directions. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched canal boats and I find it absolutely fascinating!

The thing I love about canal boats is that you have to go slow; having to take time when you reach the locks; and having to work with others.

We could learn a lot about how to take it slow in life from life on a canal boat!

Wednesday Wonders: Acknowledgement

How often do you say thank you? I know that I try to make sure I always say thank you to the bus driver or to someone who has served me in a shop, restaurant or pub.

Saying thank you to a person is one we can acknowledge the impact that someone has had on our lives. That small and simple action can have a profound affect. If we can see that what we have done has been recognised by someone else then we are given the drive to continue or maybe even to do better.

Sometimes it is through acknowledging problems that we can take a step forward to dealing with whatever that problem is. In fact it is often the case that unless we acknowledge the problem then we won’t be able to move on.

Whether we are acknowledging the good that someone has done or we are acknowledging the issues we face the action of acknowledgement is important and helpful in all sorts of ways.

Wednesday Wonders: Community

I’ve been wondering all day what to blog about today, and then this has been on my mind so I decided to think about community.

Over the last weekend there has been a bit of a focus on a certain platinum jubilee, celebrating 70 years since Queen Elizabeth came to the throne. I think one of the things that really amazed me at all of the occasions was the vast amount of people that were there. This was reflected around the country with the street parties and various other things. Why was this happening? People were coming together for one purpose, to celebrate the queen.

This, to me, was a demonstration of community (as well as a celebration).

Community can be demonstrated in so many different ways, it may be something that comes out of an organisation such as scouts or guides; locality; sharing interests; faith groups; and I know in the town where we live the LGBTQ+ community will be coming together and celebrating this weekend. Communities may also just form and not necessarily with an identity but clearly a community anyway.

No matter how a community comes together I am a believer that community is SO important a group that comes together in the good and the bad and the meh (this was autocorrected to men!!!!!! Good job I looked).

The reason I chose the photo above to support this blog is because I think it demonstrates another thing that often happens within communities, the bringing together of the ages.

I don’t know what communities you are a part of but I hope you make the most of them, benefit from them, but remember that you are a part of that community as well.

Wednesday Wonders: 3 years – gone but definitely not forgotten

As I write I cannot believe that it has been 3 years since my dad was taken from us. This photo picks up many of his characteristics – the formalities of mine and Gav’s wedding were over so the tie and jacket were off, he wouldn’t smile so let’s pull a face instead! He really wasn’t one for formalities, but would always do what he needed to do when he needed to do it; and when I ask people what they remember of dad it is often his cheeky sense of humour.

What does dad bring to me? A man who worked hard, who gave everything to the things he loved, who was stopped far too early (and I’m not just talking about 3 years ago). Dad was also a quiet man, (those who know me may not believe we’re a quiet family) but we knew that he loved us through his actions.

I am reminded of dad frequently and I see more and more the impact he has had on my life, which I may not have appreciated previously. I know I’ll be reminded of him today as we go to the Church where he and mum took me from a baby and where we celebrated his life; but also as we go for a walk at one of his favourite spots.

I love you dad, I thank for the impact you had on me, and I miss you – I could really do with a chat at the mo!


I’m in the motherland of Birmingham for a few days. Earlier my Aunty phoned my mum and as I was there the phone was handed over to me. Whilst talking to her she mentioned that she’d been thinking about the family as it was her son’s ruby (40) wedding anniversary. I don’t remember the wedding as I was 2 days away from my first birthday BUT what I do know is that at this wedding I took my first steps with my grandad.

I never really knew my grandad, as he died 6 months later, but I love that at such a special point in my life he was there, holding my hand and supporting me.

This isn’t a memory, but is something I’ve been told. We may not always be paying attention or remember how our journeys start but they always start with a step and how good if those steps have additional support.

Wednesday Wonders: Memory

What is memory to you?

So many different images came up when I searched, that it seemed easier to go with the word!

A certain social media platform shares memories with you; unfortunately this means you might be reminded of when you were having a particularly bad day or it might even be something you can remember at all. Over the last week I’ve been receiving lots of memories about our nephew as it was his birthday.

I overheard someone talking today about how music can be really powerful for them and reminds them of happier times. I think that’s the powerful thing about memories, we experience things in different ways in the first place that our memories will be different. My memories of family holidays are going to be different to those of my brother and my mum, and those my dad had – even though we were in the same place at the same time.

I’ve never been any good at keeping a diary, and I’m not sure how beneficial it would be? I love reminiscing and sharing stories with my friends and family – whether they’re willing to listen or not! If something reminds me of something else I will often share it, and I love listening to the memories of others as well.

We all experience memory differently but it is something that we can all benefit and learn from whether our own or someone else’s.

Wednesday Wonders: Time

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been filling in some forms which have included the date. When writing the date it will often be supported by me saying ‘how on earth is it May already?’. This year seems to have gone incredibly quickly but I imagine that might just be my perspective.

Time is a very strange thing, it helps us to keep track of where we are, but also can appear to move very quickly but also can seem to go incredibly slowly. I’m not going to try and explain this phenomenon because I can’t – I would be interested to see if anyone can!

What I think is important is to keep track of time and to make the most of the time that we have.

Wednesday Wonders: Pot calling the kettle black – mental health

We are in Mental Health awareness week. What do we mean? I’m not sure we can really come up with a definition; it’s going to be different for different people. However, I do think something a lot of us are guilty of is giving advice to others about their own mental health whilst not necessarily thinking about their own. I know this is definitely something I do and where I become that pot that calls the kettle black. How can we help our own mental health if we aren’t aware what affects it?

So I thought I would wonder about some of the things that affect my mental health…

I can find it difficult in large groups of people but I also find it difficult when I’m on my own. At different times I struggle in different ways.

I like to know what’s going on; in my life but also with those around me. If I’m not in the know it can cause me anxiety and can make me hide away from others and the world around me.

My health frustrates me. I can’t list the ways in which it affects me but it’s part of my whole life and sometimes it just feels like it takes over.

I’m aware that mental health is a cycle; linked with physical health; relationships etc. it’s one thing to be aware of it but another to actually do something about it and to make that first small step

There are many other things which are linked but it’s an individual thing. The great thing about mental health awareness is that it is easier to talk; it’s easier to get help; and therefore it’s easier to take that first small step and who knows where that will lead?