What do you think of when you think of safety? You may think of a place or a person. You may think of an action or an outfit. At the moment you may have a very specific idea related to the pandemic. We will all have very different ideas of safety, and I know it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently and something that has actually been challenging me.

You may wonder how the concept of safety can be challenging. I’ll try and explain. Growing up I was a very accident prone child. Whether it was cycling off a bridge, ending up in hospital for six weeks after my second session at judo. Numerous cuts and bruises – I knew where the medical box was kept, and I knew quite well how A&E worked! Since being diagnosed with epilepsy I’ve also had some quite magnificent seizures, down the stairs at school, face first on a concrete floor, and down the stairs at home resulting in a lot plaster during the summer which is not good for someone who tans easily!

Injury has always just been a part of my life, not in a bad way, but just as a result of living. It never really bothered me. Yes there were frustrations but it seems to have changed now.

Over a year ago I had to stop running, why, because I kept losing my footing when walking so the result of that running would not be good (as I found out when I thought I’d give it a go and I fell) – essentially I didn’t feel safe. Last year we started a new system at school where a colleague would come in and check on me when they arrived in the morning to make sure all was ok. Over lockdown when the husband has been working, if I’ve gone out I’ve had a system where I’ve text a friend if I’ve been going out for a walk and texting when I’ve returned.

Safety has become forefront in my mind. I’m scared to do things on my own, I sometimes won’t leave the house because I’m worried I’ll have seizures, or even just fall whilst I’m out. I don’t want to become someone who just doesn’t do anything because they’re afraid they may get hurt, but I also know that I have to take my well being and safety seriously.

I was challenged on Friday to create a safe place in my office at work – not with cushioned walls but where I can go if I need it. But first of all I need to work out what safety is for me, how it has changed but also how I can try to ensure it doesn’t go too far the other way.

I pray that you feel safe in your life and journey


Tonight we happened to catch a bit of the first round in Total Wipeout – for those uneducated amongst you it’s basically a bunch of people, water, mud, and a bouncy inflatable assault course. The aim being to get round in the quickest time. The necessity being to JUMP.

Previously we’d watched/fallen asleep to the latest adaptation of the BFG. Again another necessity for jumping both to be able to collect the dreams, but also for the BFG to be able to travel between the land of beans (human beings) and the land of giants, finally for Sophie to hide from the not so friendly giants.

Last week we were walking by a river in Warwick. There were a bunch of kids who were jumping from a bridge into the river. I have to say I couldn’t blame them – it was boiling! Then there was this one lad who had climbed over the edge of the bridge and was holding on. He’d been there for ages. He just wouldn’t let go. His friends were jumping and he just stayed there. Im assuming he made it from the bridge at some point – but whether he jumped or whether he climbed back over I don’t know!

It’s nearly time… time to go back to school. I’ve had months out of the classroom, but even going back it’s all going to be different. I have to admit I’m scared, I’ve had a lot of thinking time, there’s things I know I need to address, things I need to change.

But most importantly I know I need to jump… it’s a necessity. Holding on isn’t going to be any help at all, but I need courage and I need to know the support I have around me. JUMP! I’ll let you know what happens when I do!


This morning we were sitting on the bus for a trip to the seaside. The husband was looking at his ‘memories’ on fb, and kept asking questions about them. Literally questions about the order in which things happened. I didn’t know the answers. In the end I just said ‘can we focus on today’.

Earlier in the week we finally took one of the duvet layers out and oh my goodness the difference it has made has been amazing.

We find layers everywhere in life. We are made of layers. Everything in our life has layered up to create who we are today.

However, we need to be careful. We have a picture above of a lovely layer cake but I’m sure we’ve all seen photos of the disastrous layer cakes. We can be the same with our layers, so how can we try to be more like the picture above and not the disasters?

Sometimes we need to let go of some of those layers that are holding us back. Sometimes we need to appreciate the layers that are building us up but focus more on the layers we’re part of at the moment. Other times we need to think about the layers ahead of us and what we need to do to build those layers

Layers are part of our every day lives, we are made of layers. They make us who we are but we need to make sure we don’t focus too much on what layers have taken place, what layers are going to happen but…

Remember and appreciate where you are.

Excuses and Manifestos

About 3 years ago I was living a very different life. I was seizure free, I had lost weight, I was running, I was enjoying life, I started writing a blog about it!!!!

But now…

I’m having seizures again, the weight is back if not more (I’m too scared to step on the scales) I can’t go out running, I struggle in life, my blog is a lot wider than just how I lost weight! (Not the only thing that is wider)

So why? I could make many an excuse. It is very easy to blame the epilepsy. Since I’ve started having seizures again I’m not able to do as much exercise as I was doing; I’m on a high dose of a drug that increases my appetite; I’ve always been a stress eater and along with the epilepsy the last couple of years have been mighty stressful.

These are all facts, but if I’m being honest with myself they are all excuses as well. Pretty good excuses but excuses all the same! I guess I probably should add in lockdown as well, I have been going for walks but nowhere near as much as I would do normally.

So what am I going to do?

I know I can do it, I know I feel better for doing it, I know there are things which I can do instead of the running etc, but I also know I’m no good with a manifesto!

The idea of a manifesto scares me, puts pressure on me, and I’m really no good with pressure. I know that it’s only something I can do and I know it’s something I need to put into my life.

So now to stop making excuses and to not worry about a manifesto or anyone else’s manifesto but to live the life I’ve been given.


I’m an idiot – something I own up to quite regularly! But I can honestly say it wasn’t until today that I saw the link between courage and encouragement and therefore the real meaning behind encouragement.

I guess when I’ve thought about encouraging people before I’ve just thought about geeing people up, making them feel happier. Today, for example I was just leaving the living room to head to the study and the husband said ‘thank you for encouraging me’ I just thought it was because I said I’d enjoyed his sermon, but also because of some other stuff that’s going on at the moment. But then… when I got in to the study I was looking at the worship for school this week where the theme is courage and it was whilst I was doing this that the penny dropped!

To encourage someone is something we talk about regularly but is SO much more than just geeing someone up, it is about giving somebody courage. We all need courage in different ways and similarly we all encourage in different ways but we all have the ability to do so.

Since the penny dropped and I realised how much encouragement actually meant I have felt challenged. Where do people I know need courage in their lives and how can I encourage them? But I think one of the biggest challenges is where do I need courage in my life and do others know that I need courage in those areas? Because if people don’t know you need courage then they are less likely to encourage you?


Today has been a bit of an odd day (I know it’s not over yet). Yesterday was my birthday, which considering it was in lockdown was pretty epic. But today is a year since we rushed up to Birmingham because my dad had passed away. Today was also back to ‘work’ with morning briefing and various other tasks to complete.

One of the presents the husband got for me yesterday was the latest version of the Lion King. We watched it yesterday, and I just hadn’t thought about the themes that come through it, and the emotions started.

1 when Simba is following Mufasa up pride rock and Simba’s entire foot went in to just the bottom part of Mufasa’s footprint. It made Simba stop and take notice, and it made me stop and think as well. Any of you who knew my dad know that, when he was able, he LOVED a walk. And the majority of the time I would be following behind him. Although I mainly follow after my mum, my dad was definitely an inspiration for me and set a great example. I know that I didn’t always realise it but I know it’s also true. And I don’t just mean the mane of hair and sarcasm! He worked hard for as long as he was able, scouting was a huge part of his life, he encourage my brother and I to achieve our dreams.

2. When Simba has gone to the Elephant graveyard and Mufasa spoke to him afterwards. Mufasa expressed his disappointment but also spoke to him about the responsibility that would come to him, and about how proud he has always been. My dad wasn’t really a talker, well not about emotions etc. However, he made it clear when he was disappointed, but also would help us to move forward. My brother and I always knew he was proud of us even if he didn’t necessarily tell us.

3 finally (I could keep going) there’s a part in the film where Mufasa tells Simba that the kings from the past are the stars in the sky always looking down. This comes back later in the film as well. There is also Timon and Pumba who think that’s a load of rubbish and we should live our lives by the motto Hakuna Matata – no worries for the rest of your days. I don’t necessarily think my dad is looking down on me, but I am constantly reminded of him, the character he was, and the impact he has had on me. I also believe I will be reunited with him. As much as I love the song Hakuna Matata the meaning of it – not really – there is so much more to it than just living your life for you!

It’s been a bit of an odd day and I think 1st June often will be. I did write “it will always be a day when I will remember my dad” – but I deleted it because quite frankly there are so many things that remind me of him day to day! Thanks for everything Dad x

Taking a break. Taking instructions.

“It must be easy being a teacher… you only work 9-4 and think of all those holidays”

I can’t count the amount of times I have heard that or similar statements. Don’t worry I’m not going to go in to a rant about how inaccurate it is, but I will say, as a teacher I am always ready for the holiday – and the children usually are as well!

Last week it was slightly different, I have been doing work at home: preparing lessons, marking work, meeting pupils online, starting to think about next year (as much as can be done) and other bits and pieces as they have come along. However… it has all been at home, I have been able to take regular breaks, my alarm has been set later, and there isn’t the regular contact with people. So in my mind although I knew it was officially half term, I also felt I could just carry on as I had been doing – without the daily meeting – after all it was no different was it?

This is where I am thankful for observant friends and family who either suggested or instructed me to take a break this week. This is also where I would be grateful for a saluting emoji!!!!!!! E,S,H, mum and husband to name a few – but possibly the most dominant especially E and S!

So, the husband has been on annual leave – I made the decision at the beginning of the week that I would do no school work Monday to Wednesday – other than a couple of NECESSARY emails this was kept to. We went for walks, watched some films generally just spent time relaxing. By Thursday I felt so much better and when I sat down at the laptop I actually got the work I needed to get done significantly quicker than usual. Similarly on Friday. This meant that I was able to not do school work today.

If I hadn’t listened to those that cared for me, and if I hadn’t made a conscious decision of when I wouldn’t do school work, I honestly don’t think I would be feeling as good mentally and physically as I do.

In my previous post I spoke about the pilgrimage that the husband and I went on. Part of that pilgrimage was talking about what we felt God was saying to us. One of the main things for me is about my relationship with God, and my understanding of in order to develop that I need to stop and spend time speaking and listening. Throughout the Bible there are so many examples of people to stop and to listen, and from there relationships grow.

It is so easy to get caught up in life and not recognising the need to break and rest. We may not always recognise it for ourselves but we need to listen to the guidance and sometimes instruction given to us by those who see us.


I’ve been thinking about journeys a lot over the last few weeks. Some of the reasons are because we’re coming up to the anniversary of losing my dad, and when I gave the talk at his funeral I spoke about journeys; in the current situation I often wonder if I should go for different journeys to the walks I often do; there are journeys I know I can’t go on at the moment – I would love to be in Birmingham at the moment; it’s part of our official vision at school – being a pilgrim; I’m wondering what my journey generally in life is going to be following this.

St. Mary Bredin (SMB)

Today the husband and I went on a journey, although I guess you might call it more of a pilgrimage. We walked around Canterbury but our route was specific, stopping at each of the Church of England Parishes in the Centre – according to the Fitbit 9.3km.

St. Mildred’s

We started off at the Church closest to us (makes sense) but this also happened to be the Church that we met at, where we got married, and that has been a HUGE part of our life. It felt so special and appropriate to start our journey today at the same place that we started our journey together and that has played a fundamental part.

St. Peter’s

Part of the reason I say we went on a pilgrimage as opposed to a journey is because we had a specific route and faith element. As we were walking around between the Churches we spoke about memories inevitably, but also spoke about what we felt God was challenging us about at the moment and what journey we were on

St. Dunstan’s

As I said at each Church we spent some time in prayer. One of us would read a prayer and then one of us would say a prayer for that parish, the leadership, the congregation and the community. We took a book of Celtic prayers with us, we started with the intention of reading a different prayer at each Church but then after the first one that the husband read we read the same one at each church. It was one that we felt was the centre of our faith, brought the churches together but also was appropriate for us to be saying as part of our journey

St. Stephen’s

The prayer we read was: The cross and resurrection

Lord of endless inspiration, who keeps the seasons turning and creation renewed, plant in me a renewal of life, as I leave my past behind, and look forward to what is to come.

Give me the boldness to step out into the future, knowing that you hold all things in your hand as I walk the path you lay before me.

May I stand in your righteousness, and move forward wrapped in the knowledge of a clean heart and a clear conscience. Amen

All Saints

The Church above is the Church we are a part of now, and has played a large part in our journey. We found it quite amusing that it was the easiest Church to get a whole photo of! Our moving to this church over 5 years ago was one of the biggest decisions we have had to make and took a long time, a lot of talking and a lot of prayer – we know now that it was possibly one of the best decisions we have made, but also a way to learn that you can never really know and you have to take steps of faith – really not my strong point!

St. Martin’s

As we walked and we spoke and we shared, we realised that both of us are being challenged on similar things in our faith journey at the moment and that actually we would be able to develop, help and encourage each other. Many pilgrimages are associated with following certain routines and doing the same thing. Maybe this walk of Canterbury or even just a sense of pilgrimage is something WE need to do more frequently. Taking the time to listen to each other but also listen to God.

St Paul’s

As we were walking round the city we were also trying to spot the Cathedral. Obviously in Canterbury the Cathedral is rather a famous part of the City. On the route we took today we didn’t get many views. Some people may have been disappointed by that, but I think sometimes we need to focus on what’s ahead of us and we may get little glimmers of something more spectacular

Spot the Cathedral

We’re all on journeys, some are physical, some spiritual, some straightforward, some difficult. My advice… take what you can from whatever journeys you’re on at the moment and don’t worry if you get lost – you’re not on your own!

Productive not Prescriptive

I have been known to be a scary teacher.

What this tends to mean to teenagers is that I have rules in the classroom, I expect them to be followed, and there are consequences if not. I’m not so good with this myself!

I was talking to someone yesterday about some of the things that have made me feel better over the last couple of weeks, and it was things like writing the blogs (allowing time to reflect); playing the piano and singing; going out more regularly for walks; completing more walk; talking face to face with friends.

HOWEVER even though I know that these were beneficial and probably helped towards me being more productive (not just with work) I said to this person that I didn’t want to be prescriptive about when I would do these things because I would be less likely to do them, and therefore less productive overall.

I think it’s fair to say I’m a rather complex and contradictory person.

I like to know what I need to get done; but I don’t like to be told exactly how it is to be done

I like to be encouraged to do things; but once it’s an expectation I’m less likely to do them

I like to do things that make me feel good; but once I’m being told to do them I tend to stop

You probably get the general gist, but I think it’s important that I recognise this weakness in me. After all, I’m the only one who can really do anything about it. I believe that I have been created with certain skills, and have been given certain calls in life. I also have been created with an amazing ability of stubbornness.

To have things prescribed for me really is not beneficial (apart from my medications) so I need to try and find the times and opportunities to be able to do the things from allow me to be productive, and therefore avoid actions having to be predictive.

To quickly return to me being a scary teacher. It may take a couple of lessons but it is generally recognised that the rules are necessary to be able to have productive lessons. I may not want to be too predictive in my own life, but there has to be some element to allow for productivity. Once, or should I say if, I find the balance I’ll let you know.

Rising from the ashes

The last few weeks have been a real struggle for me. I think this is for a number of reasons, and I know I’m not unique in that. But I feel like I’m coming out of it, and over this week I keep being reminded of the Phoenix.

There are two key things that you need to understand about the Phoenix

1. They burst into flames and then rise again out of the ashes

2. They have healing tears

When Harry Potter first met Fawkes – the Phoenix that belonged to Professor Dumbledore it happened to be on a burning day. Harry was obviously quite shocked when this bird that didn’t look too great in the first place burst into flames in front of him. Then he had to explain to Dumbledore, but Dumbledore explained to him ‘it was time’ and the Fawkes started to appear out of the ashes.

It was necessary for Fawkes to burn in order to rise and live, although I’m not entirely sure that’s what he was thinking during the process. If I’m completely honest it’s not just been a tough few weeks but a tough year, and there have been some real down points. I have learnt from some of the moments, and I have become stronger in some situations, I can see the positives as I look back. But… when I’m feeling low I don’t sit there thinking what can I learn from this situation, how will I become stronger, I sit on the sofa watching rubbish and feeling rubbish.

Please do not misunderstand me and think that we should celebrate feeling rubbish, but I do think it is important to recognise that sometimes those ashes are necessary for the person we are to become and the strengths that we will have.

Now I do love a murder mystery, and I love where the detectives have to really seek through the evidence. I’ve watched a couple recently where they have had to seek through ashes. I find it fascinating how the remnants in a pile of ashes can help decipher a persons involvement.

Fawkes played a vital role in the second of the Harry Potter stories where he blinds the Basillisc and cries on Harry to heal him. Why such a vital role? Because Harry had shown loyalty to Dumbledore. That might not have been the response of another Phoenix but they may have aided someone else.

Our ashes, our low points, will have a specific impact on us, and they may then enable us to provide ‘healing tears’ for others. I don’t mean to go and cry on people but that because of our experiences we may then be able to provide the necessary support for others who are experiencing similar situations and feelings.

We can learn a lot from the Phoenix, when we feel low it need only for a period of time and when we rise from the ashes we can grow from the place we have been and help others as well.

If you feel you are in a place of ashes at the moment, have faith that you will start to grow and will be given strength.