Wednesday Wonders: Why Wait?

This blog is being written inspired by L and R.

I’ve always been a person who is early for things. I don’t really like being on time, and definitely don’t like being late. For me early means being prepared but it also means waiting. My need for being early means that I have waited for many trains and buses; I’ve spent many hours waiting for medical and hospital appointments; more recently I’ve waited for zoom meetings to start; I’ve also spent many hours waiting for Church service to start.

Waiting is in all of our lives but as usual we have choices. We can choose to add more time to our waiting; we can also choose what we do in our time of waiting it might be reading, listening to music, preparing for whatever we’re waiting for or just spending time on our own in peace. It’s up to us.

When L&R we’re making the suggestion of a topic for today’s blog I wasn’t sure whether it would pull too many heartstrings and be too painful for me at the moment. However, yes I am in a period of waiting at the moment and when it started it was extremely difficult but now… well due to some decisions I made that’s a different story!

It’s your wait… it’s your choice!

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