Wednesday Wonders: black and blue

After the events of the early hours of Saturday morning I have managed to break my toe and get bruises all over me. I wish I could say this was the first time but unfortunately not. This is the result of a seizure – again.

I’ve received sorry looking looks; and sad taps on the shoulder. Yet I give a shrug of the shoulders exclaiming “it is what it is” or “I’m used to it by now”. Not sure if that’s a bad reaction but it’s true. The nature of epilepsy is that seizures take place and unfortunately for me that has frequently meant injuries.

So I’m taped up and resting; I’m also incredibly grateful for a husband training to be a nurse and able to strap the toe.

Epilepsy is one of those illnesses that is hidden; you wouldn’t normally be able to tell if someone had it. However, after a seizure there can be all sorts of physical injuries (I won’t list all that I’ve had). There’s normally some shock though when you tell people how you achieved those injuries.

As per usual it’s best not to make assumptions but to talk to people to see how they are and what’s going on.

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