Wednesday Wonders: Treats

I’m going to keep this short today.

This morning I had a date with the husband. We were making use of a gift voucher received at Christmas and went for a lovely breakfast – as pictured above.

One of my favourite treats in life, which will not surprise those who know me, is going out for a meal or a drink (coffee or beer) with others. I consider these treats, not because of the drink or food but, because of the time spent talking with the others.

There are other things I consider treats but time over a table is definitely top of the list.

It’s important that we have treats in our lives to give us boosts of happiness, whether we need them or not. In order to have the treats in our lives we need to know what we consider to be treats.

These treats are going to be different for all of us which is why we need to know our treats – and be aware of what others might consider to be treats as well.

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