Wednesday Wonders: Many hands… light work?

This weekend we have been celebrating a big birthday of my mum. It was a lovely afternoon enjoyed by my mum and by many.

Although the original idea may have been mine, it would not have been possible without a number of people. My brother collecting bits and pieces like banners and tablecloths; the cake (shown above) being made; the hall being set up; scones being made; teas and coffees being provided; childhood photos being sieved through and provided; people talking to each other both those known and not.

I was exhausted by the end of the day but this would have been so much worse had it not been for everyone else and their many hands making light work.

I think this is the case most of the time; however there are times when we have to be careful and limit how many people do certain jobs because too many people get in the way. This is where we need to be aware about what our skills are and where they can be used so that we can be helpful but not get in the way.

Many hands make light work but the line is thin!

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