My mind seems clearer today than it has for some time.

Over the last few days the views have been astonishing. The sky has been clear, and the sunrises, sunsets and general beauty of the world has been awe inspiring.

It has also been a LOT colder than it has all year. Colder because of the lack of cloud, but that is what causes the awe inspiring beauty.

Today I had an appointment. It’s an appointment I’ve been waiting for for some time. It was a very frosty and cold walk up to the hospital, but it was also bright and sunny.

I didn’t get any answers at the appointment. My mind is clearer following the appointment because I feel like I’ve made the first step on the journey that will lead to some answers.

Sometimes we need to experience the cold, to see the beauty. We know we can get through the cold with layers, but we need to try and focus on the beauty.

In the same way as we go on whatever journeys we’re on we need to surround ourselves with layer of support, to be able to take the journey and see the beauty on the way.

The photo above was taken on route back from the hospital as I was processing everything that had been said – whilst I was wrapped up with loads of layers, listening to my music, and stunned by the beauty.

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