The hand I’ve been dealt

‘It’s the cards you’ve been dealt’

A phrase I’ve heard this week a few times. Therefore a phrase I’ve been pondering over.

Why the phrase? Without going in to detail there have been some knocks this week, not surprisingly associated with the brain, which has led to upset and frustration. I don’t think, with the sentence, there was an attempt to make me feel better about it but just an acknowledgement that this is the situation I’m in.

We played a LOT of card games when we were younger. One of my favourites was gin rummy. The thing with gin rummy is that you get rid of the cards you don’t want – the one thing I am unable to do and so further frustration took over.

It’s probably no shock to you that I’ve pondered this even more. When playing gin rummy as well as getting rid of the cards you don’t want, you pick up the cards you want, but I guess most importantly you sometimes have to change track dependent on cards that come up and cards that are taken by other players.

So what have I taken from this this week? Not a huge amount if I’m completely honest, at present, other than I may not like the hand I’ve been dealt, but it is what it is. I may not be able to get rid of the cards I don’t like, but I can keep an eye out for the cards available to me, and use those to make the best in the situation.

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