Creating the joy…

This week has been… well… there was an utter breakdown causing complete embarrassment as well as a lot of hibernation. I have felt that I am living on a knife edge, and it really doesn’t take much to knock me off that edge. The problem is once I’m off, it takes a HECK of a lot to get back on to the knife edge again.

I’ve mentioned numerous times about hibernation, and about how I try to avoid situations that may exasperate anxiety etc. But this wasn’t working (not enough anyway) so I needed to think of something different, prevention…

Yesterday I made a decision… I needed to try to place myself in to a positive, to almost at least stick myself to the knife edge, avoid the knocking off in the first place!

How did I do this I hear you ask?????

I wore a glittery jump, to bring a bit of sparkle. And I only drunk from the mug shown above.

Did it work?

Yes! It was a GOOD day.

I have no idea how it worked, or if it will work again BUT hey I’m not going to knock it either!

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