Light in the darkness

It is no secret that I make a very early journey to work. At the moment that is mainly taking place in the dark, with gradual lightness creeping in as I approach the place of employment. I’m really enjoying my walks at the moment, because of the beautiful autumn colours – but that’s another blog

On Wednesday I took the above picture, the moon was absolutely stunning, especially as I walked through this park in the final part of my journey. BUT when I walked through this part on Thursday (the next day) it was SO dark, and that’s because of the clouds. There was NO sign of the moon at all.

Yesterday I had to cover my eyes in the car on the way home (I was in the passenger seat) because there were some cyclists approaching us. Cyclists are having to use fights at the moment, both to see and to be seen – why they have to flash I don’t know!

In the darkness we need light, sometimes we rely on the light being produced by other things, and possibly don’t realise how much we need it, or appreciated it until it’s gone. Sometime we have to make conscious effort to provide light for ourselves and for others.

For regular blog readers you will know I’m not just talking practically here, but also metaphorically! We all go through times of darkness in our lives, sometimes we don’t necessarily realise what a dark place we’re in until someone or something shines some light into our lives. Yesterday I have three examples of people shining light into my life,

1. A message from my ex work colleague saying that she’d heard ‘build me up buttercup’ on the radio and thought of me.

2. A phone conversation with E calming me down after a frustrating appointment.

3. Arriving home from said appointment to post from my mum, which was the service sheet from a memories service I was unable to go to, and some seeds that were given to plant.

They are seemingly small things, but in times of darkness only the smallest amount brings a great amount of light.

Sometimes though, we have to seek out the light. In the same way as cyclists choose to put their lights on, or we use torches, there is some effort involved in bringing light into our situations. This may be through avoidance of further darkness, or making more contact with people or things that we know bring light in to our lives. I know, for me, at the moment I am doing a mixture of these things. Things that bring me light are contact with friends, cross-stitch (actually this is another example of light being brought into my life this week when a friend gave me a simple cross stitch to complete, a bit of piano playing for no reason, and pjs on the sofa is always good! I am also trying to avoid situations that bring me further darkness.

I want to end, possibly controversially, with fireworks! Now, fireworks are not the friend of someone with photo-sensitive epilepsy. However, I am aware that fireworks would be pointless during the day, or in the height of summer. To be able to fully appreciate fireworks you need darkness. Sometimes we don’t recognise and appreciate the light in our world until we are in times of darkness. That is not to say that we should seek darkness, but to me, it is a comfort to know that light can be shone in dark places.

Yesterday Canterbury centre was full as people came to see the lights being switched on. We are approaching the time when we celebrate light coming in to the world. That light was 2000 years ago, but is still shining strong today, in and through us.

In a world full of darkness, we have the opportunity to receive and give that light to others. Are you going to take that opportunity?

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