Memories Matter?

It’s been a while since I wrote… why? I’ve been confused, annoyed and frustrated. I’ve been questioning a lot, especially about work, the day to day, and how things are being affected by my brain. It seems to be playing up particularly spectacularly at present…

…or so I thought…

I definitely do think that is the case and I’ll be writing more about that side of things soon, but then social media was sharing memories with me. These were memories ranging over a number of years, and it seems that I may have felt I was under control and the brain was stable but actually that has never really been the case over 27 years!

I needed those memories, to remind me that I’m on a journey, and will continue to be on a journey. It may feel like a particular struggle at the moment, but by the looks of it I’ve been there before. That doesn’t mean it’s going to make it easier, but I know I’ve made it through to more stable times before as well.

It’s dangerous to live in the past completely but it is important to remind ourselves of things that have happened. I was doing some revision with some year 13 pupils at lunch today and we were looking at the problem of evil and suffering. One of the arguments we were looking at was how pain is necessary for us to develop as humans. Again it can be dangerous to use this as reasoning for everything… but it can also be encouragement in the tough if you realise where you’ve come from and what you’ve come through.

So I’m grateful for the memories of social media this week, they have been very timely (obviously) and the impact has been noticed!

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