I can see clearly… or can I?

This morning I nearly serenaded my colleague with”I can see clearly now I have glasses on” but there was someone teaching in her room so I couldn’t get to her, I’m sure she was gutted! Why was I going to serenade her?

My morning consists of getting up, showering, getting dressed, sorting breakfast, eating/drinking whilst reading, then a 45 minute walk to work. This morning I was on the final stretch of my walk when I realised I hadn’t put in my contact lenses!

As you can tell my eyesight isn’t that horrific, after all I managed to read a book, and get close to work without realising! I made it through most of the morning before the amazing husband dropped my glasses off!!!

When I put my glasses on, I realised how blurry my vision had been, and suddenly there was some clarity. Then… when I was walking home it started raining, my glasses were covered, my vision was impaired again!

This is the perfect analogy for me at the moment.

I seem to be in an endless cycle of being confused by my brain and it’s activity, then having moments of clarity when I think I understand what is going on and how it’s affecting me and how I can deal with it, then in a sudden moment back to the confusion again.

Definitely more of the confusion than the clarity at the moment. There is no answer, well there isn’t really a question it is just an observation.

Speaking of observation… I had pupils commenting on the glasses, as they are not used to me wearing them. I also had to take a second look on a few occasions as although I wear glasses at home I’m not used to seeing myself in them in work.

Another useful analogy for me at the moment, as I’m having to look at myself in a different way at the moment. Realising that it’s still me, but different to how I’ve seen myself. Im going to have to leave that one there for the moment… it’s a work in progress but I have a feeling there are going to be some more identity ones in the near future!

Here’s hoping for some clarity on that one!

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