Earlier in the week I was doing my cross stitch, I’d finished a particular part when I realised I couldn’t do the next part, as I’d made a huge mistake. I’d started in the wrong place, about 5 colour blocks back. In order to move forward I had to unpick loads. I didn’t have the time earlier in the week, it had been a busy one, but today, being the first day of the holiday, I had time. It took a while, but it is now all unpicked and is ready to start again in the correct place.

I had lunch with E today and this was another time of unpicking. This time it was unpicking a variety of things in my life. I’m so glad to have a friend who will ask what most other people wouldn’t dream of, and who will challenge me. Never telling me answers but helping me to unpick the situations for myself.

I’m at a point where I am questioning a lot at the moment. This is in pretty much all areas of my life. But before I can move on I need to unpick the issues and dilemmas that I am facing. There is a lot going on and I need to fully understand what I’m taking on. This is only going to happen if I fully dissect the possibilities. I’ve been here before, and I know it isn’t going to be easy, there are likely to be tears, but I can’t just carry on building in something that is in the wrong place. 

I’ve possibly taken the analogy too far now. Suffice to say the is a lot of unpicking happening, physically with cross stitch but mentally in a variety of areas! I do love a journey, but do sometimes wish it could be easier! I guess it wouldn’t be as fun or beneficial – so bring on the tough journey! 

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