Taking joy in the little things

I am a complex person, I rely on positive feedback from other people, I never trust myself and my instinct, and yet I’m rubbish at taking compliments. This leaves me very perplexed! And over the past couple of months I’ve had to learn to take compliments, I pretty much mastered the awkward dance as people told me how good I was looking, and how well I was doing and I’ve started to just say thank you – with a miniature awkward dance as well!

There’s a lot of little things which I’ve been noticing over the past few months which have given me encouragement as I’ve gone on. So here’s my top 10:

10. Realising my bag which I wear over my shoulder was significantly further down my leg than it used to be

9. Having to tighten my flip flops therefore realising I may be able to wear normal flip flops in the future and not have to wear Birkenstocks

8. Noticing the shape of my shadow change as I’ve been running

7. Being told that I need to buy new clothes

6. Hearing my 6 year old nephew say “crikey Aunty Helen can run”

5. Wrapping my dressing gown all the way round me so the pockets are both on the same side!!!!

4. Being able to share a two seat sofa at the cinema comfortably with my 6ft7 husband

3. Fitting into theatre seats

2. Being able to wrap a ‘normal’ hotel towel all the way round me without gappage!!!!!

1. A sixth form student asking on behalf of another sixth form student how I’ve managed to lose weight!

The small things have kept me going, and I’ve started to accept the nice comments that people give me. Rejoice in the small things, and greater things will follow!!!!!! 


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