5. It’s a holistic lifestyle

There’s not a huge amount to add here really, as this is the basis for pretty much everything I’ve written so far. This year my life has changed beyond recognition, I’m much happier, and much healthier. I think because everything else seems to be in a good place I found it much easier to stick to change in diet and exercise.

 I’ve now been doing this for about 7 months, and therefore I think I have developed good habits which I hope will make it easier to stick to when things get busy and stressy. Also because I’m not following any rules as such, I allow myself to have treats if I want them.

The food and exercise has also meant I’ve got into routines. I’m sleeping better because I’m using more energy.I’m making sure I see more of my friends. One of the biggest changes I made is having Saturday’s off! I kept bringing work home to complete over the weekend, but then kept putting it off – so now I just do the work on a Sunday. I keep Saturday’s to catch up with friends and family.

My life has become structured which means I know where I am and what I’m doing! 

This hasn’t been about dieting or about exercising, this has been about creating a whole new attitude to life, and a whole new a approach 

So there we go… My 5 main points. I’m now going on holiday and will try to work out what to write for my next blog!!! See you when I get back!,,,, 

One thought on “5. It’s a holistic lifestyle

  1. Heh Helen, sounds like you are, as they say in Zen ‘becoming one with yourself’. There is alot of peace and contentment that comes out of your writing and that clearly reflects where you are.

    Long may it continue.

    Here’s something for your to ponder over:

    ‘Let me respectfully remind you
    Life and death are of supreme importance
    Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost.
    Each of us should strive to awake, Awaken!
    Take heed, do not squander your life!’

    something we end with each time our Zen group sits.

    Have a good holiday and see you when you are back.

    Jen xxxx


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