Healthy Holidays: With Blackforest and Beer

On Saturday we went to Cambridge on holiday for 3 nights. This time of year we would normally have spent a week camping in Kent County Showground at Detling Celebration, that was cancelled this year, the husband had annual leave already booked so we decided to go to a hotel for a few nights!!! This was a very different holiday to any that I have had before.

Firstly you probably need some idea of what usually happens on our holidays, at least 2 or 3 times I get stroppy and sulky, we normally end up having an afternoon nap most days, and I’m normally ready to go home. 

But this time… No afternoon naps, only one very short stroppy moment, and I didn’t want to go home!!!!! 

If I’m completely honest I was slightly worried about the holiday… Especially with the healthier lifestyle thing going on. But I decided I was going to make sensible choices, most important decision being that I was going to have a good time.

When we ate out I tried to make sensible choices, which worked on the whole, but there were two pitfalls, my love of ale, and the great British bake off!!! Ale… Ah ale… The first evening we’d had a lovely meal, I had sea bream, then a lovely dessert of strawberries with lemon sherbet. But then… We went for a walk and ended up at a pub. There was a beer called ale-Oha and the pump had a Hawaiian skirt on – how could I resist. On the last day The husband took me to Cambridge brew house – it would be wrong to go to a brew house and not drink a pint (or 2). So that explains the ale, but the Great British Bake Off?????? On the Sunday we’d gone to church with a friend and then went for lunch, I ordered a chicken and chorizo salad, and then she asked if we wanted dessert. I had a look at the menu… And they had Blackforest gateau, the show stopper of the first week of GBBO!!!!!!! So I thought, OK, I’ll try it. OH MY GOODNESS I’ve never seen a slice like it, it was HUMONGOUS! I had to stop part way through… Although I did finish it!

So there were moments of indulgence, but we were on holiday, the intention was to relax, to enjoy myself, and that goal was most definitely met. It’s difficult when you are not preparing your own food to be in control, or to stick to a healthy regime. But as I’ve said from the beginning, I don’t feel like I’m dieting, therefore there are no hard and fast rules. We were walking a lot, but we also had a gym and pool at the hotel, which we used all but one day. And actually most days I was still under the calories/or on track.

This was definitely one of the best holidays I’ve had, I enjoyed the indulgences, I enjoyed the exercise, and I enjoyed having more energy that I didn’t get tired, or stroppy which meant the husband enjoyed it a lot more as well!!!!! 

So…. Advice for holidays, make sensible choices, but don’t feel you can’t indulge every now and again, ENJOY yourself!!!! 

One thought on “Healthy Holidays: With Blackforest and Beer

  1. Can we have a picture of the black forest gateaux? Or was there insufficient time between delivery and consumption? I have to say, my weakness for dessert is Black Forest Gateaux 😛


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