Wednesday Wonders: Love

LOVE. A four letter word that means so much, makes us feel special, but can also leave us utterly bamboozled!!!

This morning I was gifted this beautiful plant in an awesome plant by a friend, for no apparent reason, just because. It made my grin from ear to ear and feel warm inside. Later on I asked her what her favourite word was (already with the plan to use it for my blog) and she said ‘love’ and straight away I felt dread! How was I going to write about love?

It isn’t something we can write about easily, it’s not something that we can explain, however it is something that we can demonstrate, something that can be seen in people’s actions.

Tomorrow it’s December, we’re already in the season of Advent as the Church. Christmas is all about love, in this time amidst the lights, presents, food etc… why don’t we take some time to show love – helping an elderly lady pay on the self-checkout at Boots; buying coffees for stall holders; giving a plant for no reason.

Love can be bamboozling but it can also be the easiest and greatest thing in the world.

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