Wednesday Wonders: worth it?

I have suddenly realised it is a Wednesday and I haven’t written my blog. I questioned whether there was any point, was it worth it? Then I thought about why I hadn’t written one today, and it’s essentially because I’ve been busy. All of the things I have done today I could have easily asked is it worth it, and the answer was always yes. It may not have been life changing but it was always worth it.

The tablet I am using tonight is not my usual one and I have struggled/failed to get a picture, that also nearly stopped me. However, we so often focus on the glamour that we miss out on the simple, yet important message.

When I first started writing my Wednesday wonder blogs it was to build some routine when my routine had been taken away. I haven’t missed a Wednesday since. Once again showing the importance in something seemingly small.

When you ask yourself is it worth it? I expect the answer will probably be yes!

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