A passion for cricket (not me)

This week I’ve been walking into town on a couple of occasions and I passed numerous people, mainly elderly men, who were clearly on their way up St. Lawrence’s for a day of watching cricket. My thoughts automatically went to my dad.

Today would have been his 76th birthday, and had he been with us he probably would have been watching the cricket.

This is one of my favourite photos of him because he was passionate about Warwickshire and spent many a day at Edgbaston with my brother watching Warwickshire play, as well as many an hour watching test matches and other matches on the TV. He wore the top with pride, and the cap, and any other clothing he was given!

It’s not one of the passions I have taken on, however I know that I support Warwickshire, and I do have a vague understanding of the game thanks to watching matches and asking why he got frustrated with certain things – also from watching (and scoring) many a match of my brothers.

I don’t know what he would make of the new ‘hundred’ leagues but it was something I got into last year – and was about the right length for me to cope with! It also helped to feel like I had that link with him which I felt when I saw the men heading to their matches this week as well.

Happy Birthday Dad x

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