Wednesday Wonders: Pot calling the kettle black – mental health

We are in Mental Health awareness week. What do we mean? I’m not sure we can really come up with a definition; it’s going to be different for different people. However, I do think something a lot of us are guilty of is giving advice to others about their own mental health whilst not necessarily thinking about their own. I know this is definitely something I do and where I become that pot that calls the kettle black. How can we help our own mental health if we aren’t aware what affects it?

So I thought I would wonder about some of the things that affect my mental health…

I can find it difficult in large groups of people but I also find it difficult when I’m on my own. At different times I struggle in different ways.

I like to know what’s going on; in my life but also with those around me. If I’m not in the know it can cause me anxiety and can make me hide away from others and the world around me.

My health frustrates me. I can’t list the ways in which it affects me but it’s part of my whole life and sometimes it just feels like it takes over.

I’m aware that mental health is a cycle; linked with physical health; relationships etc. it’s one thing to be aware of it but another to actually do something about it and to make that first small step

There are many other things which are linked but it’s an individual thing. The great thing about mental health awareness is that it is easier to talk; it’s easier to get help; and therefore it’s easier to take that first small step and who knows where that will lead?

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