Wednesday Wonders: Rain

As I was walking home today it was raining quite substantially. I had a jacket but I was not dressed for rain at all. I put my woolly hood up from my hoody, put my head down and walked. I saw a lot of people sheltering, heading into shops, wearing appropriate clothing, putting up umbrellas, or running.

When I was only about a minute away from my first destination the heavens well and truly opened and it was the heaviest downpour I can remember for ages. This resulted in people screaming, more running, and I continued, head down and walking.

I’m not sure we can class it as a storm, but it really was interesting to see the different responses. It also made me wonder about the way we respond to our storms in life.

Most importantly, the storms do end, and no matter how we do it, we can get through even if it makes us feel a bit rough during the journey.

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