Wednesday Wonders: holding it together

There was a TV programme where a table was being held together with tape. The guest started kicking the legs during his interview, the tape ripped and the leg came off. The guest then went on to pull off the next leg.

Have you ever felt that you’re being held together and could come apart at any point? I’d say my ‘tape’ are the three f’s – family, friends, and faith.

The thing with tape is that it can be used to hold things together, to hide things away when wrapping presents, or even to rip things off. However, with some pressure it can easily be taken apart or loosened. I think this is the same with the ‘tape’ in our lives. This is why we need to take care of our ‘tape’ making sure we strengthen it, layer it, whether that be our relationships or other things that we feel is holding us together. It’s also important that we don’t completely rely on it but look at other things to bring us strength.

Is there something you would consider as the tape that is holding you together? Do you know what it is? Does it feel like the tape is coming loose? How can you strengthen it?

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