Wednesday Wonders: Searching for rainbows

I went out for lunch a couple of days ago, as we were leaving my friend said “it’s raining and there’s sun – where’s our rainbow?” We never did see one but there was an expectation that we should have done. There are times when rainbows can be a pleasant surprise but other times when we purposely search for them because we expect them in those conditions.

In order to see a rainbow we need to have rain, there aren’t many I know who enjoy rainy days, but a larger number enjoy seeing a rainbow and see that as a sign of positivity and hope. A sign we wouldn’t have without the rain in the first place.

In life there will be times when the conditions will seem a bit pants and there will be ins that happen that will be a pleasant surprise – our rainbow. There will also be times when we will be purposely looking for positive things to come out as a result of rubbish situations. That’s not to say that we should be hoping for life to be pants, or that if it is that we should expect rainbows. Take each day as it comes and enjoy the rainbows as they appear, or search for them when you need to see that colour.

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