Wednesday Wonders: Really?

Above is a crossstitch I completed at the weekend. It was a kit that E gave me for Christmas. When I sent her the photo on Saturday to show the completed article she instructed me that I needed to take note of the wording – which comes from Zephaniah 3:17!

It is one of my favourite verses from the Bible but at present it’s hard to believe those verses are appropriate for me. It’s hard to think that anyone would take great delight in me or quiet me or rejoice over me. I believe the words are truth but it’s hard to believe they are being said in relation to me.

Is this not the case with so many things? You may have a statement that you believe but you struggle to see how that statement can relate to you. I don’t think it’s necessary a problem but maybe it gives you the opportunity to look into the statement further and see how it relates to you.

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