Tonight we happened to catch a bit of the first round in Total Wipeout – for those uneducated amongst you it’s basically a bunch of people, water, mud, and a bouncy inflatable assault course. The aim being to get round in the quickest time. The necessity being to JUMP.

Previously we’d watched/fallen asleep to the latest adaptation of the BFG. Again another necessity for jumping both to be able to collect the dreams, but also for the BFG to be able to travel between the land of beans (human beings) and the land of giants, finally for Sophie to hide from the not so friendly giants.

Last week we were walking by a river in Warwick. There were a bunch of kids who were jumping from a bridge into the river. I have to say I couldn’t blame them – it was boiling! Then there was this one lad who had climbed over the edge of the bridge and was holding on. He’d been there for ages. He just wouldn’t let go. His friends were jumping and he just stayed there. Im assuming he made it from the bridge at some point – but whether he jumped or whether he climbed back over I don’t know!

It’s nearly time… time to go back to school. I’ve had months out of the classroom, but even going back it’s all going to be different. I have to admit I’m scared, I’ve had a lot of thinking time, there’s things I know I need to address, things I need to change.

But most importantly I know I need to jump… it’s a necessity. Holding on isn’t going to be any help at all, but I need courage and I need to know the support I have around me. JUMP! I’ll let you know what happens when I do!

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