This morning we were sitting on the bus for a trip to the seaside. The husband was looking at his ‘memories’ on fb, and kept asking questions about them. Literally questions about the order in which things happened. I didn’t know the answers. In the end I just said ‘can we focus on today’.

Earlier in the week we finally took one of the duvet layers out and oh my goodness the difference it has made has been amazing.

We find layers everywhere in life. We are made of layers. Everything in our life has layered up to create who we are today.

However, we need to be careful. We have a picture above of a lovely layer cake but I’m sure we’ve all seen photos of the disastrous layer cakes. We can be the same with our layers, so how can we try to be more like the picture above and not the disasters?

Sometimes we need to let go of some of those layers that are holding us back. Sometimes we need to appreciate the layers that are building us up but focus more on the layers we’re part of at the moment. Other times we need to think about the layers ahead of us and what we need to do to build those layers

Layers are part of our every day lives, we are made of layers. They make us who we are but we need to make sure we don’t focus too much on what layers have taken place, what layers are going to happen but…

Remember and appreciate where you are.

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