Unknown protection

I have a waterproof and wind proof coat… I was very grateful for it today as I walked to and from school. I was still wet and cold when I got home but nowhere near as bad as I would have been in any of the previous coats I have owned.

Last week was a particularly wet, cold and windy morning. I was walking my normal route to school, which goes through the centre of town, and then just before the final stretch there is a meadow. As I started to walk through the meadow I was hit by the wind and the rain with a new force that I had not experienced for the majority of my walk. Why? Because I was walking on a path in the middle of a field with no protection at all.

I hadn’t been aware of the protection I had been receiving from the buildings for the remainder of my journey – after all I was still wet and cold – until they were no longer there.

Similarly I don’t think I have been aware of how much people have been protecting me over recent months. Sometimes from external things and problems, which they were keeping away so as not to cause me more anxiety. But mainly protecting me from myself, whether that was messaging me, inviting me out, allowing me to not go to things, not forcing anything on me, giving me space but also checking up on me, saying things to make me realise it was part of the journey and there would be brighter times.

It’s not that the protection has gone now, I’m still being supported amazingly, but I am on a different part of the journey, I can look back and see what was being done.

We don’t have to tell people what we are doing, but sometimes people are in vulnerable places that they need others to help out, and be an invisible source of protection that helps them to carry on.

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