Do you ever have moments when you are just taken aback by something? That might be the beauty of things around you, or the actions of people, or even just something that you read. I’ve had two things that have taken me aback this week, and that really made me stop and think about how blessed I am.

The first was receiving some feedback from pupils at school. I will be honest and say that they are a pretty awesome group anyway, but to receive comments that confirm what you are doing, and the appreciation of it… especially from teenagers… well, it just just filled me with a bit of a warm glow and made me realise the importance of what I’m doing – it is worth while after all!!!

As wonderful as that was, thing number two was the thing that really did overwhelm me… which it possibly shouldn’t have done… but it did!

Yesterday I had to fill out a questionnaire for an assessment I had. Part of this questionnaire was to say how my ‘problems’ – my low mood over the last few months – has affected my ability to perform in 5 different areas. Those areas being work, housekeeping, public recreation, private recreation, relationships. For each one I had to give a mark out of 8 with 8 being completely affected.

I gave the lowest mark to relationships. Within this category it referred to making and keeping friendships. Now, during this time I didn’t make friends but had no need to, and I kept friendships – hence I gave it such a low mark. Or should I say, my friends stuck by when I was being a sulky, silent, crying, angry, a?!y, wreck.

This is why I was overwhelmed because as I look back I really don’t know how, or why they put up with me. However, I also know I shouldn’t be surprised, because as a friend said today when I thanked her for being there ‘that’s what friends do’! And I just want to say thank you to those who have been that support when you must have wanted to walk!

I’m overwhelmed by the people I am blessed with in my life, I am also grateful to be finding things to be overwhelmed by again in my life! I’m going to be looking out for the overwhelming and I hope and pray you find some too!

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