The power of the plan

A few years ago now I was looking after my two nephews and niece for a day during the summer holiday. They were all quite yesterday unfortunately at the time, so I went along with activities, some places to go. I told them at the beginning of the day what we were going to do, and we did it. The following week Grandma looked after them. At the beginning of the day the eldest asked ‘what are we going to do today?’ The response was ‘I don’t know play some games, have some fun’ to which the response in a certain tone was ‘Aunty Helen had a plan’!

About two or three years ago now the husband and I took the eldest nephew to London for the day. Before we got the train we gave him a challenge, we gave him a disposable camera and a list of things that he needed to take photos of, and he would get a prize if he was able to tick them all off. His dad looked at the list and said ‘how on earth are you going to manage to see all of this?’ To which the response from my sister in law was ‘Its Helen, she’ll have a plan’

I do like a plan, I’m OK moving away from the plan but I do like to have a plan in the first place and to have sense of what is meant to be happening. I’m definitely not really an ad hoc person.

The plan this week was to survive until Thursday when I had a hospital appointment with an epilepsy specialist. It wasn’t until that appointment that I realised the power of having a plan has on me.

I came away from the appointment without it any answers but a plan of moving forward to try and discover the answers. Essentially are the symptoms I’m experiencing a result of epilepsy or medication. I walked away from the hospital as though an enormous weight had been lifted. It wasn’t until I was debriefing the numerous people I needed to debrief that I really realised nothing had been accomplished other than a plan… and only part of a plan

What is the power of a plan? I think it’s a sense of control, and of moving forward. A plan doesn’t need to be step by step, minute by minute – it has to allow for the flexibility of life. But it gives a good grounding that when things get in the way you know where you’re heading back to. Never under estimate the power of a plan

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