Going round in circles or spiralling out of control?

Is there something that you do that just makes you feel ‘you’?

I find myself in a predicament at the moment where the thing that makes me feel most me also causes me the most frustration and anxiety. I’m a ‘big picture’ person and I keep being told to take each day at a time. But once the ‘me being me’ moment is over the rest kicks in.

It really does feel like I’m just going round in a vicious cycle and am still pretty convinced that the only way to snap out of it, and avoid spiralling out of control is the

Reboot I mentioned earlier in the week. Unfortunately E who works in the medical field also feels it wouldn’t be appropriate! Such spoil sports!

So where do I go from here? I’ve no idea? I’m trying to take each day and making the most of the ‘me’ moments, and trying to hold on to that feeling as well! Other than that – I’m stumped! Any thoughts feel free to let me know!

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