Another new year… another new start???

2016 is drawing to a close, and 2017 is getting closer (even if it will be a second later) all forms of media are filled with recollections of the year that has been, and hopes for the year to come. Resolutions that people are making, suggestions for making the most of 2017 and getting the most out of the year, and the big one seems to be getting an empty jar, and putting a piece of paper in it every day with one good thing that has happened. Then next year, reading through 365 pieces of paper. Now, I am someone who looks on the positive side a lot of the time, but there are days when I would struggle with that. Some days are rubbish, and sometimes scouring and searching for the positive can only accentuate the rubbishness. Then there are other days when so many good things have happened I’m not sure I’d be able to choose one.

What is it about new year? Why does one day make such a difference? Or should the question be, why do we think that one day can make such a difference?

Working in a school there is an idea that is used quite a lot, that each year, or even each term we get a chance to start over. We constantly get a fresh start. I’m not sure that that is actually the case, or even if it should be. 

I know that at the beginning of each year I am given information about the pupils I am going to be teaching, I am going to have heard about them from different sources, whether I want it to or not, this is going to affect my perspective of who I am teaching. Similarly they may have heard things about me, or have a certain view of the subject. All of our experiences affect the way we view things. We can’t help it. It can never be a completely fresh start, but we can make decisions to make changes within ourselves.

Quite often the pupils who make the biggest impression, are those that develop the most. How do we know that they have developed? Because we saw what they were before and how they have changed.

New year isn’t a fresh start or a new beginning, it is a bookmark… to a different chapter… The next part of the story. That part of the story is a blank canvas, but many of the characters are already around, some have been in many of the chapters before, some have come and gone. We may have ideas of where we would like that story to go and develop, but we shouldn’t hold on too tightly, after all, all the best stories have a plot twist.

Last year in my blog I wrote 15 things that had changed in my life (I think it was because it was the end of 2015) and four resolutions, those resolutions were

I’m going to carry on eating properly and exercising

I’m  going to do my job to the best of my ability

I’m going to continue to seek Gods will for my life

And my most challenging one – I am not going to read my assemblies/sermons to the husband or E before I give them but I am going to trust in my own ability!

First three were mainly met, but I would say the last one was an epic fail, but in fact it wasn’t a failure, it was a plot twist. I tried, but I realised actually by checking them with the husband or E beforehand it gave me the confidence to deliver them in the best way. I trust my ability, but I need assurance, it’s just who I am. I think I’d be more worried if I was more confident. But that’s another blog!

The point… we may have ideas for what the next chapter is going to bring, seldom does that happen in the way we expect. Sometimes things are worse, sometimes things are considerably more than we could have ever hoped or imagined. Make plans, have ideas, but don’t hold too tightly, sometimes you need to let go of things to allow space for something more exciting.

It’s close to midnight, so I’m going to snuggle up in bed and listen to the fireworks whilst covering my eyes. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and I look forward to writing more, about my journey and the chapter of my life that will be 2017

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