Just one small step

Every journey begins with one small step. That’s all. Just          one        small           step. But it’s so much more than that isn’t it? So often it is that initial small step which is the hardest of them all. 

Why is it so difficult?

It may be because you know it is going to be tough, it’s going to be a struggle, there are going to be times when you are going to want to give up. So maybe it is easier to not take the step in the first place.

It may be because you have absolutely no concept of where the journey will take you. You’re comfortable where you are, with what you know, why change it?

It may be because you know it’s going to be lonely or uncomfortable.

These are definitely some of my obstacles, physically and metaphorically. There are many reasons why it is difficult but it is necessary if you are to start or even continue with a journey.

Over the last couple of years I’ve had to make a lot of small steps, which have been part of one mammoth journey. Questioning vocation, changing churches, changing lifestyle, and running just to name a few. Each time it has been that little bit easier to make the initial, necessary small step. Why? Because although I know it isn’t necessarily going to be easy, it’s probably not going to go in the direction I think it might, and it’s probably going to be lonely and uncomfortable at times, it is also going to be rewarding, it is going to help me develop, it is going to give me confidence to take the next step.

It’s easy to stay where you are, in a place where you know and are comfortable. Sometimes those places are necessary but in order to grow and develop and participate in the journey we need to make that initial small step. It may be wobbly, it may be holding on to something else for support, but that initial step… who knows where it will lead? I’ve taken a couple over the last week, and I cannot wait to find out what is in store! I’m sure you’ll hear about it! 

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