Wednesday Wonders: International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, so seems a good thing to share my wonderings about. I should be honest and share that it was an amazing woman in my life who placed the idea in my mind in the first place.

She was one of a group of four amazing women who put together a party for me at the weekend to celebrate my time of new beginnings. I was completely overwhelmed by the time and effort my friends had put in; and also by the friends I was surrounded by (many, but not all, of whom were female.

I am utterly blessed, I have always been encouraged to attempt anything I want to, and to think I could achieve anything I attempted. I have grown up with many examples of strong women, and that has been something for me to live up to. Going to an all girls secondary school also placed that sense of achievement for all.

As much as I have been aware of limitations on women, I wouldn’t say I have ever felt it placed upon myself. I think I’m also part of a generation who have seen huge changes for women, and have been a part of that. Including, the first female Prime Minister; the first ordained women in the Church of England; and don’t forget The Spice Girls and girl power!

I know there is still progress to be made, but I want to take this opportunity to ‘big up’ the women in my life; you make it so much easier to be proud of who I am and to believe I can make a difference. This is not true of me but of all out there. You are amazing.

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