Wednesday Wonders: taking it slow

We live in a busy world; quite often we’re try to be the quickest or trying to rush somewhere. Finding the shortest queue at the supermarket, or going to self checkout; next day delivery; high speed trains. I imagine it’s something we’re all guilty of, and we can probably all think of plenty of examples.

On Monday I was with mum and we stopped off at Hatton locks inWarwickshire. It was a beautiful day and the area was stunning and still! After some lunch there was some movement with a few boats going in different directions. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched canal boats and I find it absolutely fascinating!

The thing I love about canal boats is that you have to go slow; having to take time when you reach the locks; and having to work with others.

We could learn a lot about how to take it slow in life from life on a canal boat!

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