Are you on a journey?

Today we went on the Severn Valley Railway; specifically a steam train from Kidderminster to Bridgenorth. On the return journey the husband made a very interesting point. Considering we had caught trains up from Canterbury to Birmingham the other day, he found this experience more relaxing. Why? Because you could feel that you were moving and that you were heading on a journey.

If you are a regular reader you may be noticing a theme at the moment! I think the steam train is a good metaphor for life. If we don’t feel like we’re on a journey there’s a possibility of getting blasé; or stopping; or maybe even getting worked up and completely reliant upon announcements! However with the steam train life, it might not be comfortable and you might be fully aware of the journey through movements; chuggs; and horn blasts but you know you’re moving and you know there’s a destination.

Final metaphor moment… there was a stop mid journey where we got off for about an hour, looked round an exhibition and had a coffee. When we went back to the platform the train was on the middle tracks. It had to reverse out of sight to get on to the right tracks for us to be able to continue the journey. How often have you felt like you’re going backwards? Or that the journey isn’t possible at all because you don’t have the equipment? Sometimes that’s necessary to move forward we need to go back or we need to stop in order to move forward.

Absolutely finally none of it would have been possible without the driver and the rest of the team. Who is guiding your journey?

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