Wednesday Wonders: Exploring

Thank you to my friend J who had posted a photo on FB entitle Wednesday Wanderings which reminded me what I needed to do! It also influenced me a bit in my title.

I’ve just got back from a meeting where I had to share some of the work a charity I work with does, this was alongside other organisations in the city.

Following what other people were saying and discussions had afterwards I think there needs to be some exploration as a group but also individually as to the best way to move forward.

My problem with this is that I like exploring and discovering new places and things AS LONG AS I have a route and a map to follow. I’m convinced this isn’t that easy… I think it’s almost necessary to explore different things to see where they might lead. This might mean meeting new people, trying new ideas, moving out of a routine, all of which caused me to shiver whilst I typed them!

Exploration can lead to amazing findings, but you have to be willing to step out of the comfort zone in the first place and take some daring steps. Now… how do I do that?

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