Wednesday Wonders: shining out

We may have had a trip in an ambulance and a few hours in hospital at the weekend. Worry not no one was kept in and the husband is ‘OK’.

When waiting in the hospital and walking to different areas it was easy to get lost, one wall looked like another wall. Yes, there were sign posts and coloured lines on the floor but it was still a bit confusing.

We were incredibly fortunate that some dear friends were able to come and collect us (it’s not easy to get home from especially after 9) We found our way out of the hospital and then whilst waiting I saw these windows above. Not only are they beautiful windows, but it was clear to me that this was where the chapel was.

In a place that can be crazy, but also plain, these windows shine out and represent a place of peace.

Last week I spoke about knowing the environments that encourage us to grow; but we also need to know those places that shine out and bring us peace.

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