Wednesday Wonders: Right Environment

I had the most glorious weekend in Glasgow; spending the weekend with friends I was at school with. We’ve known each other for 30 years, and it was just lovely to spend time with each other. As well as the obvious catch ups and talking about memories, there was also walking, eating and culture.

One afternoon we went to the Botanical gardens, as we were walking around we went in to the greenhouses. There were so many plants that were so beautiful, but they wouldn’t have been able to grow in Glasgow if they hadn’t been in that environment.

Do we place ourselves in environments that allow us to grow?

Are we aware of environments that don’t allow us to grow?

Are we willing to move from those negative environments to those that allow us to flourish?

These are some questions I think I need to ask myself, and you may want to as well. The environments may well change, but I know I’d love to flourish and stand out like those flowers in the greenhouses at the weekend; and that weekend of time with my friends away from my day to day worries has helped me to address things again.

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