Wednesday Wonders: Unravelling

I’ve been doing some cross stitch (nothing new there) and I suddenly realised I made a mistake 😬 it was a tiny mistake – 1 square – but that was made quite a while ago which meant I had to unravel everything I had done since then. 😖

So I started unpicking… one… stitch… at… a… time. SO frustrating. I was tempted at numerous points just to take the scissors to it, BUT that would mean I wouldn’t be able to use the thread again. It took absolutely ages but I eventually made it back to where I’d got to previously and have now got considerably further. It would have been at this point in time in my earlier days of cross stitch that I would have just given in, hidden it away, or given it to me mum!

Whilst I was there unpicking each stitch one at a time I got to wondering… and managed to to make some parallels with life!

Our lives are made of individual events, but those individual events make up the collage of our lives! Sometimes those individual events may go slightly wrong, that can be frustrating, but rather than giving up we can work out where it went wrong and take the necessary steps to be able to move on forward! By unpicking I was able to use the thread again, similarly by working out where and why the mistakes happen we can use that to guide us as we nor forward.

So, if we accept that mistakes happen, we can allow them to become a part of our tapestry of life!

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