Wednesday Wonders: Taking Steps

This week I was asked “what do you do for you?” Apparently from the look on my face it was clear I didn’t have an answer.

Last night I went to a taster session of a choir. I was stood in a strange room, with a room of people I didn’t know, I was completely out of my comfort zone but… once we got going I had a great time.

I took the step.

I didn’t think about it; I just took the step.

This is not the kind of thing I do. After a year and a half of being stranded in limbo; a life in which I didn’t seem to be able to move forward; I now need to make those steps. My life is going to be very different, I can’t feel guilty for not doing what I was doing before, I just need to work on what those steps are. There’s no need to rush, but I need to make steps to move on to whatever the next part of the journey is. For ME.

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