Wednesday Wonders: Hope

This was my view on Monday when I left the house, a double rainbow – it was stunning! Before being a symbol for LGBTQ+ the rainbow was seen as a symbol for hope. I often associate the rainbow with hope because of the story of Noah and the flood, when they saw the rainbow it was a sign that God would never send a flood like that again.

Do you live a life of hope? What do you hope for?

As I was thinking about hope, I started to think that when we use the word hope it doesn’t necessarily make us think that we are confident in a situation. We hope that something might happen but…

Is it just me that thinks that?????? I guess an example might be over the last year I might say ‘I hope everything gets completed soon’ but in my mind I really wasn’t confident it would. Yes it would have been nice but it wasn’t really going to happen.

The rainbow of the story of Noah is a promise; therefore hope should be more of a confidence? Whether that be something we hope for ourselves, or if we are offering hope to others.

The challenge I am taking from this wondering is that I will be confident in my hopes and that I will live a hope full life – and I have to say I am excited to see how that looks.

One thought on “Wednesday Wonders: Hope

  1. Wonderful rainbows, Helen. Thanks as ever for your reflections. How special to see the,m from your front door like that. 






    div>Like you, my sense of hope is sometimes rather weak, and


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