Challenge track: week 12 Purple day

With 15 days left of the challenge left I’m on 124.6 miles – which I’m quite pleased with!

Today is Purple Day which is epilepsy awareness day. I went to a party last night and pretty much as soon as we walked in, they confirmed our fancy dress costumes and then checked that the lights they had were OK for me. One thing my friends and colleagues have often said is that they become more aware of flashing lighting after they’ve got to know me.

Awareness isn’t just about knowing what can cause seizures, or how to deal with seizures – although this is obviously important. For me I think awareness is possibly more importantly about how epilepsy can affect people on a day to day basis. How epilepsy is SO different for so many different people. How epilepsy affects those who care.

The reason I have done this 100 challenge is so that I can raise money for the epilepsy society who support research into epilepsy as well as supporting those who have epilepsy, their careers, and raising awareness of epilepsy. I try to play my part of raising awareness with those who are in my life, but if I can be a part of raising awareness further afield how amazing would that be.

Thank you to all who have supported me so far, as always the link is below if you feel you are able and please share with others

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