Wednesday Wonders: Taking a bull by the horns

I know that I like to know what’s happening, I’ve told you that numerous times. However, it wasn’t until this week that I realised how much control I can have over that.

I’m not the kind of person who stands up and takes control in situations, I allow things to take their course, and then I get frustrated. Do I act on the frustration? No! I continue to get frustrated and wait.

This week, there were two situations where I took the bull by the horns took control, made decisions and felt good for it. Now, I know what is happening.

I don’t respond well to times of frustration and yet I allow myself to stay in those situations, when, so often I can make the decisions, follow the actions needed to get out and move on.

So what’s the next bull that’s holding me back? How can I move forward?

One thought on “Wednesday Wonders: Taking a bull by the horns

  1. Good morning, Helen.

    I just read your post and, as often happens with your reflections, it really resonated with me. (And I love the photo too!)


    div> Thank you aga

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