Wednesday Wonders: Popping Candy

On Monday morning I was filling out a sensory form, answering some questions. One of those questions was ‘what does joy taste of?’ My first response was popping candy.

We were meant to write down the first thing we thought of, which I did, but I’ve been thinking about it further since. Why did I choose popping candy? I don’t eat popping candy a lot, but when I do I love the surprising element of it, the feel in my mouth. My favourites are definitely when there is popping candy hidden within a chocolate bar, that unexpected burst of poppiness!

We are all bound to experience joy in different ways and from different things. I also appreciate the joy further when it comes unexpectedly and I can feel that joy for longer as well.

If we experience joy, we can often bring joy to others. I’m not sure we definitely need to search for the joy, but when the popping candy comes along enjoy the experience.

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