Wednesday Wonders: Worth the Wait?

I’ve spent many hours in my life waiting at bus stops, at train stations, or outside shops as I always got to the ‘meeting point’ far too early! Of course in those situations waiting always leads to something good whether that’s the transportation or the meeting with friends.

It’s the process of waiting though isn’t it?

Earlier in the week I was watching a new programme, at the end the TV announcer said you can found out what happens next week or you can go to iPlayer and watch the whole series now. This is where I’m going to sound like an old person but I actually get really frustrated that you can watch entire series straight away. I’ve been thinking about why, and I think it is because of that sense of waiting, it may be frustrating but it’s actually quite good to have that cliff hanger, wait a week, then find out what happens next. What’s the point of a cliff hanger if you just move on to the next episode straight away?

We quite often associate waiting with negativity but, especially after the last 18 months, I’m starting to see that it can often be through the waiting that we appreciate the outcome. That’s not to say that I won’t be getting frustrated whilst waiting for trains this week, but I’ll appreciate what I wait for!

Waiting is always going to happen, make the most of it!

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