Wednesday Wonders: change – an ode to my piano

Change is a necessity of life but it can be difficult.

Sometimes we don’t even notice change is happening.

Sometimes it’s so big that we might be apprehensive about it, may even try to run from it.

Over the last year I’ve been playing piano and singing a lot more at church. This has also led to me playing at Canterbury Cathedral. I’ve had to make a decision though, and that decision was to get an electric piano. An electric piano is in tune, and I can put headphones in if necessary.

I’ve had an upright piano since I was 11, but it was incredibly out of tune, keys were sticking, and it was difficult to practice for playing at church which then affected my confidence. We don’t have the room for both, and I’ve had to make the decision. Yesterday the piano left (it was taken, it didn’t walk!)

I am so grateful that my parents got me a piano when I started playing piano music rather than keyboard music. I knew people who had to practice at school, but I was able to practice at home – I’m not sure my brother would be grateful for that. Yes, I was able to practice for piano exams etc… but more recently my piano has been the place I go to when I need to rest and unwind. I love playing, it takes me away, it gives me safety when my head is causing me friction.

I have loved my new electric piano but it has been difficult to say goodbye to the upright. It has literally taken a month to get rid of it, partly because pianos are awkward to move but also because I have been holding on to it. But yesterday I was reminded that I can’t hold on to things, that doesn’t help us to move forward.

As you may well be aware I’m facing A LOT of change at the moment. There is a lot that has led to this and that will enable me as I move on. I can’t hold on to it though as it may held me back.

Change is a necessity in life, it is always happening, it can be scary, but it’s necessary as we continue the journey.

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