Wednesday Wonders: importance of rest

So about 2.5 weeks ago my back started hurting, it has been incredibly painful, I have struggled with walking and even struggled with standing. There have been a lot of sudden spasms, a lot of painkillers, an X-Ray. It has NOT been fun.

Sunday (3 days ago) I was able to stand through my two talks at Church which I was very pleased with as I’d been worrying about it all week. Yesterday and today I managed to walk quite a bit as well.

I don’t think the above would have been possible if I hadn’t rested last week. I got up and walked around the house to ensure I didn’t seize up but I rested.

How often do we just keep going, working through the pain. So often we need to make that conscious decision to stop, to put us at the top of our list. Recognise that if we don’t rest we might not be able to have the energy and ability to help others.

Once again I am aware the pot is calling the kettle black, but the reminder is always helpful!

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